Tokyo is for Sale !!!

2008 April 18: Well this as you can see from the date, this is a back dated post, a rather outdated one. As Cheryl was craving for Pan Cakes for ages, my best friend Chien Ping decided to give her a treat, and off we went hunting for the so called best pan cakes in town.

We ended up in Paddington House of Pancakes @ 1Utama. If my memory didnt fail me, we were there at about 9pm. A rather late dinner i would say because the driver was busy with something else and refuses to explain.

It was my first time at Paddington, the decor is rather simple, guess you dont really have to invest much on the setting when your food is good.

The Menu

The Menu again...

This is our driver.

I guess this was me trying to cover my face from Cheryl

Cheryl acting innocent. goshh...

403 from the Menu: Mushroom ommelette, tripple chipolates, mashed potatas & Sour Cream

703: Treassure Box

This is Tokyo priced at RM18.50 (before tax). Cant really recall the taste, but it was not bad.

After dinner, Chien Ping paid for dinner and reveal why he was late. This crazy guy actually locked his car key in the car while at the office. So he needed my help, to follow him to his office and drive his car home. Now it looks like I has to be his driver in return. damnnn all for RM18.50 at Paddington.

Anyway, thats what friends are for i guess. As the saying goes, a friend in need is a friend in deed.... Cheers =)


Tiffany said...

Oh I know that place. It is really nice and yummy.

Simon Seow said...

I always wanted to try but the price discourage me.

renaye said...

i have been there twice but am never a fan of that place though i like eating pancakes. i think my mother's pancake is always the best!

kennhyn said...

that place have nothing to shout about, only they serve beer, that will trigger me to be there.... haha

Charlie said...

Tiffany: hey, rarely see you dropping comment here. infact i think this is the first time. hahah, how are you Dr Tiffany?

Simon: aiyoh, once in a while okay lah, its not to say you go there every other day. atleast try it once. but i must agree that its rather pricey.

Ranaye: yeah, nothing beats home cooked food lah.

Kennhyn: erm you should visit the club then. cheers

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