Tony Fenandes Underwear

Being a typical blogger, I tend to check on my traffic and also how people actually end up reading my blog. I'm always facinated by the keywords searched which ultimately brings the visitor to my blog.

I've seen people searching for my name several time, but till today, I have no idea why these people would want to search for me? Maybe its my friends or loyal reader who is so lazy to remember the URL to this blog that they have to google it everytime they want to check for updates.

Anyway, the latest funny keyword is Dato Tony Fernandes Underwear(the founder and owner of AirAsia, Asia Largest Budget Airline). Its really hard to believe that people actually go to that extend. Maybe Tony can start a budget underwear shop. or maybe even auction his underwear for charity.

Snapshot of the result page on Yahoo.
Now I wonder when will people google for my undies?

Its now 1.05am, I need to work tomorrow at 8am and I am still here blogging. We have like less than 23 hours to 2009. Before I sign off, let me leave you with 2 question to ponder upon. Whats your new year resolution? and have you fulfill your 2008 resolutions? ..
Cheers & have a great new year.


Alex said...

Hi Charlie,

Very interesting experiment, and I'm curious to see how much traffic this post brings you. I for one was intrigued by the title, and wondered what you'd written about it.

As such, I guess you can say the title does work somewhat. I'm also a social media activist and am always on the lookout for what works and what doesn't.

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