New Year, New Resolution.

This came rather late as I was too busy ushering the new year and travelling some 1000 kilometer in less than 48 hours.

The recent new year eve was rather spontaneous, because I initially had plan to meet up some friends, but in the end some people FFK(Fong Fei Kei, go ask any of your Chinese friends if you don't understand what it means) so I end up not having a plan for new year eve. Thus I indulge myself with work at the office till 6pm plus and that's when i got a message from Simon from Simon Says asking me if I got any tickets to the countdown concert at 1Utama which is sponsor by my company.

After making some calls, I managed to ask my colleague to reserved some tickets aka Yellow Pass to the event. Soon after that i rushed back home to bring my family out for dinner, had a shower before meeting up with Simon at about 9.30pm.

Everyone were given this gigantic hand!!! don't know what you actually call it though

The Yellow Pass which I wore around my wrist.

The Spectacular firework display.

This year, the firework display is rather special, because it a musical firework display, which simply means that the firework is specially designed to rhyme with the background music.

Another snap shot....

Sorry for the rather low quality photo, I think my beloved Sony Ericsson W810i is is getting old. Especially after much wear and tear over the years. Maybe I should include a new camera phone in my 2009 wish list. Nokia 97 would be a perfect replacement for my aging Sony Ericsson.

Justin from Hong Kong showing off his talent. Together with him is 2 Deejays from 988 Radio Station.

Justin & 998 Deejays entertaining the crowd.

Throughout the night, the crowd were entertain by 98.8's deejays and various local & HK artist. However being an OCBC (Orang Cina Bukan Cina) or Banana, I'm only able to understand 70% of what they are singing or even saying. As such, I didn't really enjoy the night, except for the magnificent firework display

The massive crowd leaving....

There were an estimated crowd of 10,000 people, so you can imagine the how bad the traffic was when the event actually comes to an end. Anyway lucky for my, I parked my car outside of 1Utama, thus I was spared from the massive traffic jam which got the whole LDP jammed up. FYI, there were 2 massive celebration, one at 1Utama and another at The Curve.

Looking back at 2008, time really flew. I've been with my my current company for more than a year and I must say I'm lovin it very much. Its not just about the money, but the satisfaction whenever I successfully conclude a big deals. Despite the weakening economy outlook, I'm actually looking forward to another successful. Wont comment on whats in the pipeline, but I will definitely reveal it when the time is right.

2009 will also a memorable year for DiGi, as it gear up for the maiden launch of its 3G services as well as broadband. Maxis & Celcom, get ready for an intense competition, cause DiGi is definitely gonna give you a tough ride....

That's all for now..... Happy New Year and may 2009 bring you greater wealth, both financially and physically.


Simon Seow said...

Nice countdown.

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