Happy Chinese New Year

Isn't it ironic that we are about to usher another new year in less than 1 month ? Just 3 weeks back I was ask about my new year resolution for 2009 and 3 weeks later, we are celebrating yet another new year. This is Malaysia, the BOLEH land where everything is possible, we can have new year holiday twice in a month. Bet you wont have this privileges in most western countries.

Anyway, as we prepare to celebrate the Year of the OX, lets cross our fingers and hope it will bring miracle and turn things around for the better. As most of us know, the current economy situation is getting worse by the day and more people are losing their job. Malaysia is not spared from the current economy downturn as a result of the American Financial Institution’s meltdown. Not only the poor suffer, cause the rich and famous also saw their wealth plummeted tremendously. Even Iceland as a country has to be declared bankrupt.

As the year of the Rat comes to an end and the year of the Ox is just about to begin, may the year of the OX bring bullish prospect to the global economy, and bull run in the financial market. This I believe would be the best gift for people from all walks of life.

Kong Xi Fa Cai, Happy Chinese New Years to all my friends and readers. May you be blessed with good wealth and great health and not forgetting a joyous year ahead.

Charlie Chia


Christine said...

Happy Chinese New Year Charlie.. :)

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