McDonalds Limited Edition Coca Cola Glass

McDonals launches Gold Medal Meal onthe 24th of July 2008 which comes with FREE Limited Edition CocaCola Contour Glass. I found out about the promo while reading the newspaper. This is a sample of the advertisement on the papers.

The newspaper advert.

The 5 designs: Swimming, Athletic, Basketbal, Volleyball and Archery

The ingrediant which made up the Gold Medal Meal
I decided to be the first few to get my hands on the Limited Edition Glass so I ask some of my colleague to join me so that we can each buy a set. The CocaCola Contour Glass promotion is being offered by McDonald inconjunction with the Beijing Olympic 2008 which will starts on the 8th of August 2008 (08.08.08: 8 is auspicious number for the chinese). And so I drove all my my colleague to the nearest McDonalds here whats happen:

I went staight to the counter and have a clearer view of the Gold Medal Meal. It cost RM14.65
I told this cashier I want that set.

Huh?? I thought it cost RM14.65 only? How come the display shows RM15.40
This is my First Gold Medal Meal. The complete set!!!

My first collection related to the Beijing Olympic 2008

Wah Look we have all 5 designs

The 5 designs comes in 5 different colour which is similar to the Olympic 5 rings logo
Nah, this is my bill, who wants to sponsor me?

Hennessy Artistry - another hot & sexy event

This is going to be a short post, wont write much as I've written alot in the previous 2 and this is just a follow up. So its gonna be a photo blogging this time.

Event: Hennesy Artistry
Venue: Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena, Kuala Lumpur
Date: 19th July 2008
Time: 9pm onward till early morning
Highlight: Flo Rida, Machi, DJ Latin Prince, Pop Shuvit & DJ Callen.

The billboard at the enterance to Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena

Hennessy Artistry Wall, everyone's try to snap pictures with it. Lucky Wall.

The DJ showing her stuff, well I mean skill.

Just a random picture

My wristband to the pArtee

The heavily guarded enterance.

Museum?? Tons of Hennessy on display

The Central of attraction.

The 4 variety of Cocktail available. Hennessy Miami, Hennessy Shanghai, Hennessy Paris and last but not least, Hennessy KL(the latest addition).

Free Flow of drinks, Hennessy.

Hennessy KL VIP lounge

Hennessy Miami VIP lounge

Hennessy Shanghai's VIP lounge

Hennessy Paris's VIP lounge

Catching Pop Shuvit live for the first time

Interesting Performance

A closer look. Ish I need to get a SLR Camera

Some reporters and some reporter wannabe with all their hightech SLR cam

I left the party at 11 plus to attend David's Party at Bangsar. So I missed all the other artist performances. Worse of all I actually miss Melody Yeung's performance(from Machi) and she was so Hottt that night. Anyway, lucky Michael aka Mike and Gareth aka Shaolin Tiger those some nice photo of her and share it. Thanks dude.

Melody, isnt she sweet?

She's hot too

A closer look

I also manage to meet some of the "Definitely Gang Maybe Bang'(DGMG), such as Joshua, Arron, Nigel, Wilson, Amy, Stanley, Randy and Thomas. To those that I forgot to mention, please buzz me ya. suddenly meet so many of you, i really cant memorise all. Plus those that I did mention, please drop me your link so that I can link you up.

Winning 35 times at Genting's Morte Carlo

As mentioned in the previous post, I had a day trip up to Genting Highlands on Saturday after my appointment with a client. I parked my car at the Gombak Putra LRT Terminal, before proceeding to the Genting Express Ticket Counter. To my surprise, the next available bus is at 2.30pm and its 11am. No way I'm gonna wait for 3 hours plus for the next bus, so I decided to take the illegal taxi up which cost me RM20 from Gombak all the way up to Genting Highlands. The reason why I said illegal taxi is cause these drivers aren't given permit to drive this route, but they are mere opportunist trying to make some quick buck from gamblers and holiday makers who doesn't wanna wait so darn long for a bus.

I missed working up here, because its cold, and I can walk to work.

Anyway it was a pleasant journey up, the weather was rather cold and it very very misty towards the peak. I arrived safely uphill at 11.40am and proceed to the HR department to meet up with all my ex-colleagues. I only managed catch up with some of them, as most of them were busy with recruitment drives, yes a sign that Genting is expanding. Had lunch with my ex-boss and colleague and had a good chat. From all the chat I had with them, one topic made the most significant impact, and it was how fast time flies and how old I've become. When I first started my career with Genting, it was in 2004 which is 4 years ago. Since then there has been a major overhaul and most of my colleague which work there initially has already move on.

After lunch, I called up another ex-boss of mine but unfortunately she was rather busy with meetings so I did not meet her in the end. So I decided to hit the Casino, Morte Carlo to make some quick buck to cover my travelling expenses for the day. I played the Russian Roulette with just RM50 on the RM5 table. I told my self, only RM50 whether I win or lose, its just a game. So the game started bet after bet, my chips get lesser and lesser. Not long after playing I only have a balance of RM20 and that's when I got a strong feeling that the Number 18 will be my lucky number of the day. So I place a RM5 chip on the Number 18.

This is how the game is being played

Roulette Guide

The wheel was spin and the ball was rolled and it actually stop at Number 18. Waoh, at that instant I feel like screaming because the payout is 35 times of RM5, which is RM175. But I manage to pull myself together and told myself, you just bet RM5 idiot, its not like you made a bet of RM50 or RM500 which will yield a profit of RM1750 or RM17500 respectively if I did so. After the win I played a few more rounds but luck wasn't on my side. So I decided to leave the casino and took home a winning of RM200(RM150 profit + RM50 capital).

This is the payout chart for Roulette at Genting

I went over to the HR department's office again to say Sayonara to everyone before I catch a taxi to Kuala Lumpur. Arrived at the Gombak Station at almost 6.30pm, took my car and drove home to change before going to Hennessy Artistry Party at Bukit Kiara.

Hippy Saturday Happy Saturday

Yesterday was one hell of a day. As I'm still recuperating from exhaustion. Here's a recap of what actually transpire throughout the day:

I had an appointment with a client at Ampang in the morning(its not that I'm darn hardworking to work on a Saturday but the economy isn't doing well) follow by lunch at Genting Highlands with some of my ex-bosses and ex-colleagues and also to catch up with some of them who will be leaving Genting Group soon. As the cost of driving up alone was rather high, I decided to park my car at Gombak and took a cab instead. After some bargaining session with the drivers, I manage to get a ride up at a cost of RM20(all the way to the peak). I've also paid a visit to the casino in which I won few hundred ringgit before leaving to KL via cab again. This time it only cost me RM15 as the driver was desperate to leave the hill.

Then I got back home to change, before hitting Henessy Artistry event at Bukit Kiara. This was follow by another party at Bangsar organised by AIESEC Intern's David and friends. The night ended with a session at Murni together with a bunch of bloggers & nuffnangers.

Shall write a more details post on my winning at the casino and also the party in the evening in my next 2 post.

Gosh I need more rest......

Malaysia PM really got balls or is he plain dumb?

Did you read The Star yesterday(12th July 2008). If you have not, you can click here to read. The Prime Minister was quoted saying this:

Malaysia PM: "I'm used to making history that leaders before me had not achieved. The 2004 general election was the best but the 2008 result was the worst which no leader before me had achieved.

Can you believe that? He has certainly carve his name in Malaysia's history as being the worse Prime Minister which made no significant progress to the country except or increasing the burden of the Rakyat(citizen) by increasing fuel price, toll rate, power and water rate.

How did this guy, become the PM in the first place? Firstly he doest have a good command of the English language, which is proven when ever he gives speeches. Secondly, all his speech don't have oomph(power lah). And the list goes on lah, lets not get too far. Lately he make a very silly mistake by announcing his retirement plan which is 2 years from now and that deputy will succeed him in becoming the next Prime Minister.

Now anyone with the right mind would know that that is now how it should be done, firstly because 2 years is a long time to wait, and secondly, the current politically instability is not in favour of his so called big plan, because our deputy PM is in a Hot Soup himself and is fighting very hard against the scandal with the Mongolian girl.

I would like to hear your say about his statement on the paper yesterday. Come on let it all out.

My First Time - The Story begin...

Everyone will have their time in everything they do, from the moment we are born , the breath we took , first cry we made, first craw, first step. Today I feel like talking about my first time buying my first mobile phone or what we Malaysian usually call, the hand phone(HP).

If my memory were right, I was then studying in Form 3, and I bought my first HP at this Hand Phone Shop @ Atria Shopping Mall(It was quite popular in PJ back then as Places like Pavilion, The Gardens, Times Square, 1U New Wing never existed back then.). My first HP was a Nokia 8250, also known as the butterfly phone because the button resemble the shape of a butterfly. Cant really remember the actual amount I've invested on that phone, but it was roughly about RM1000. Yeah, phone was still pretty expensive then, and yet they don't have colour screen, mms, camera, video, mp3, and 3G.

Anyway, I love that phone very much as it was my first phone and I bought it myself. Besides, having a handphone was just starting to become a trend at that time. My first prepaid card was a DIGI prepaid which cost me around RM80++(today you can even get it for FREE from U-Mobile). But why I really love the phone was because it tough, I drop it a zillion time, throw it at my friend when they made me mad, drop in into the drain (mind you its fill with dirty water), I pick it back up, wash it, dry it and voila!!! It was still working. Today if you try dropping any of the colour phone into a drain filled with water, chances are, you can say sayonara to your phone.

Sadly, technology move faster then I earn and very soon everyone is using a mobile phone which has camera function, walkman, mp3, and even 3.5G. Few years down the road, I began college and was force to change my phone to a Sony Ericsson W810i due to peer preasure. Some of my friends were shame to have me walking with them with my Nokia 8250. Today, I-Phone second generation is out and I think I should be getting a new mobile phone soon. Cause my Sony Ericsson 810i is starting to show sign of aging.

Do you have any recommendation ? Do tell me the story of your first phone too. Will be looking forward to see your comments.

A Message from Charlie Chia

Since the previous posting entitled Kill this victim off Miss World Malaysia 2008, I've have been receiving numerous feedback in the form of comments, messages on Facebook, emails and even sms.
Honestly, I didn't expect to hurt so many people out there and it's certainly not my intention to create such a big hoo haa. To those who have written to me(in what ever form it maybe), thank you for you time. I would also like to take this opportunity to apologise to everyone who have been offended as a result of my post. That entry shall be officially remove with immediate effect.

Miss World Malaysia 2008 goes on killing spree

Ladies & Gentlemen, sit back and relax while I present to you the prestigious Miss World Malaysia 2008. To keep this post short and simple, the snapshot below would best describe the Miss World Malaysia 2008.

This year's Miss World Malaysia 2008 pageant adopted a different approach in their quest to search for the best candidate to be crown Miss World Malaysia 2008. Instead of having people to vote for who they think should win the crown, the organiser decided to add some spices by tweaking the way this years pageant is being run. This year, people would have to vote for candidates which they think should be eliminated from the event. Each vote will be counted as one kill. The candidate with the less kill at the end of the contest would be crown Miss World Malaysia 2008.

For those who would like to vote and make your, make sure you go through the guide below to avoid any deadly mistake.

Once you have read through the KILLING GUIDE, its time to move on and put your killing skill to test. Head on to Miss World Malaysia 2008 portal and let the killing fiesta begin.

The mainpage of Miss World Malaysia 2008 portal

There are a total of 15 beauties victims for you to choose. So make sure you scrutinise each and every profile before making any kill.

The first 8 victims, (Clockwise from Top right: Angeline Yap Lee Lee, April Yong, Chan Hean Ching, Chow Xiang Yee, Cherly Yew Pik Fun, Chantell Chuah, Audrey Loh and Audrey Key Jia Ling)

The second 8 victims, (Clockwise from Top right: Natalie Chuah, Cindy Chen, Germiane Ong Jia Min, Heidi Raman, Jaslinder Kaur, Janice Gan Wei Shan, Devenna Jaikob and Daphne Chua Ann Yean)

The third 8 victims, (Clockwise from Top right: Jessie Lau Sing Yi, Joanne Kimberly J.Majalap, Lim Ai Ping, Moon Ko Suet Fen, Pua Ai Lee, Parveen Kaur A/P Puran Singh, Koh Tsu Yi and Kismet Kaur Sandhu)

The last 7 victims, (Clockwise from Top right: Rachel Theng Mei Yee, Rounnah Beb Robert Sylvester, Soo Wincci, Thanuja Ananthan, Pauline Ong Poh Lin, Shereen Kaur and Santha A/P Chandherasegaran)

If you like any of those victims, you can actually click on their picture to read their profile which looks like the one below

Its Germaine profile, one of the nuffies that were seen at Nuffnang recent Wild Live Party. She is also among one of the youngest victim here.

After reading through those profile, if you wish to eliminate any particular victims, just click on the KILL button. Notice the picture above the KILL button, the more black spot it has covering the victim's picture, simply means the particular victim is nearer to death.

A Thank You note for KILLING. I tried killing one of the victim(not Germaine cause she is young and pretty and most importantly she is a nuffie so must give face lah)

Casualty: One of the victim who got killed(notice that the profile picture on the right is black with the word KILLED)

At the time of posting this, 5 victims has been KILLED from the contest and they are Audrey Loh, Pua Ai Lee, Parveen Kaur A/P Puran Singh, Koh Tsu Yi and Rounnah Beb Robert Sylvester.
(Lynn Syn Audrey Loh)
So what are you waiting for log on to Miss World Malaysia 2008 and starting killing.

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