Hippy Saturday Happy Saturday

Yesterday was one hell of a day. As I'm still recuperating from exhaustion. Here's a recap of what actually transpire throughout the day:

I had an appointment with a client at Ampang in the morning(its not that I'm darn hardworking to work on a Saturday but the economy isn't doing well) follow by lunch at Genting Highlands with some of my ex-bosses and ex-colleagues and also to catch up with some of them who will be leaving Genting Group soon. As the cost of driving up alone was rather high, I decided to park my car at Gombak and took a cab instead. After some bargaining session with the drivers, I manage to get a ride up at a cost of RM20(all the way to the peak). I've also paid a visit to the casino in which I won few hundred ringgit before leaving to KL via cab again. This time it only cost me RM15 as the driver was desperate to leave the hill.

Then I got back home to change, before hitting Henessy Artistry event at Bukit Kiara. This was follow by another party at Bangsar organised by AIESEC Intern's David and friends. The night ended with a session at Murni together with a bunch of bloggers & nuffnangers.

Shall write a more details post on my winning at the casino and also the party in the evening in my next 2 post.

Gosh I need more rest......


RuRu Jane~ said...

waaaaaa sooooo busy saturday..
weekdays work till tired, saturday outings till tired LOL
your life is so happening :)
good!!! ^^

Alexis-Marie said...

You won 35 times?? How on earthh!! Whoaaa...

Charlie said...

Ruru Jane: erggg Happenning? its tiring lah.

Alexis-marie:Pure luck I guess. I didnt really win 35 times but I was paid 35 times on the the bet I place.

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