McDonalds Limited Edition Coca Cola Glass

McDonals launches Gold Medal Meal onthe 24th of July 2008 which comes with FREE Limited Edition CocaCola Contour Glass. I found out about the promo while reading the newspaper. This is a sample of the advertisement on the papers.

The newspaper advert.

The 5 designs: Swimming, Athletic, Basketbal, Volleyball and Archery

The ingrediant which made up the Gold Medal Meal
I decided to be the first few to get my hands on the Limited Edition Glass so I ask some of my colleague to join me so that we can each buy a set. The CocaCola Contour Glass promotion is being offered by McDonald inconjunction with the Beijing Olympic 2008 which will starts on the 8th of August 2008 (08.08.08: 8 is auspicious number for the chinese). And so I drove all my my colleague to the nearest McDonalds here whats happen:

I went staight to the counter and have a clearer view of the Gold Medal Meal. It cost RM14.65
I told this cashier I want that set.

Huh?? I thought it cost RM14.65 only? How come the display shows RM15.40
This is my First Gold Medal Meal. The complete set!!!

My first collection related to the Beijing Olympic 2008

Wah Look we have all 5 designs

The 5 designs comes in 5 different colour which is similar to the Olympic 5 rings logo
Nah, this is my bill, who wants to sponsor me?


Baby said...

were u charged for the coca cola glass?

cc said...

Very nice glasses. I have a set of them, not from mcdonalds though. Are these all the same?

p/s: Hello, first time commenting here.

Charlie said...

Baby:nope, not charged for it. BUt have to buy that set of value meal.

CC: not sure. When did you buy ? This is lanch inconjunction with the Beijing Olympic 2008.

Teresa said...

Love the glass! But the meal is kind of expensive...(I still love my dollar burger!)

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Simon Seow said...

I got Archery last week. A bit small though the glass.

cc said...

The set I bought is coca-cola merchandise.

Anonymous said...

Hiye.. first timer..

they charged rm8.80 if u want to buy the glass only. (as i dont really like that meal though) but totally into the glasses (still short the yellow one)

Wolf Hunter said...

English and Italian version are more beautiful

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