Hennessy Artistry - another hot & sexy event

This is going to be a short post, wont write much as I've written alot in the previous 2 and this is just a follow up. So its gonna be a photo blogging this time.

Event: Hennesy Artistry
Venue: Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena, Kuala Lumpur
Date: 19th July 2008
Time: 9pm onward till early morning
Highlight: Flo Rida, Machi, DJ Latin Prince, Pop Shuvit & DJ Callen.

The billboard at the enterance to Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena

Hennessy Artistry Wall, everyone's try to snap pictures with it. Lucky Wall.

The DJ showing her stuff, well I mean skill.

Just a random picture

My wristband to the pArtee

The heavily guarded enterance.

Museum?? Tons of Hennessy on display

The Central of attraction.

The 4 variety of Cocktail available. Hennessy Miami, Hennessy Shanghai, Hennessy Paris and last but not least, Hennessy KL(the latest addition).

Free Flow of drinks, Hennessy.

Hennessy KL VIP lounge

Hennessy Miami VIP lounge

Hennessy Shanghai's VIP lounge

Hennessy Paris's VIP lounge

Catching Pop Shuvit live for the first time

Interesting Performance

A closer look. Ish I need to get a SLR Camera

Some reporters and some reporter wannabe with all their hightech SLR cam

I left the party at 11 plus to attend David's Party at Bangsar. So I missed all the other artist performances. Worse of all I actually miss Melody Yeung's performance(from Machi) and she was so Hottt that night. Anyway, lucky Michael aka Mike and Gareth aka Shaolin Tiger those some nice photo of her and share it. Thanks dude.

Melody, isnt she sweet?

She's hot too

A closer look

I also manage to meet some of the "Definitely Gang Maybe Bang'(DGMG), such as Joshua, Arron, Nigel, Wilson, Amy, Stanley, Randy and Thomas. To those that I forgot to mention, please buzz me ya. suddenly meet so many of you, i really cant memorise all. Plus those that I did mention, please drop me your link so that I can link you up.


Simon Seow said...

You forgot me. =P

Charlie said...

oops. sorry bro. I didnt forget about you lah, but just cant recall when I was writing this entry.

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