Malaysia PM really got balls or is he plain dumb?

Did you read The Star yesterday(12th July 2008). If you have not, you can click here to read. The Prime Minister was quoted saying this:

Malaysia PM: "I'm used to making history that leaders before me had not achieved. The 2004 general election was the best but the 2008 result was the worst which no leader before me had achieved.

Can you believe that? He has certainly carve his name in Malaysia's history as being the worse Prime Minister which made no significant progress to the country except or increasing the burden of the Rakyat(citizen) by increasing fuel price, toll rate, power and water rate.

How did this guy, become the PM in the first place? Firstly he doest have a good command of the English language, which is proven when ever he gives speeches. Secondly, all his speech don't have oomph(power lah). And the list goes on lah, lets not get too far. Lately he make a very silly mistake by announcing his retirement plan which is 2 years from now and that deputy will succeed him in becoming the next Prime Minister.

Now anyone with the right mind would know that that is now how it should be done, firstly because 2 years is a long time to wait, and secondly, the current politically instability is not in favour of his so called big plan, because our deputy PM is in a Hot Soup himself and is fighting very hard against the scandal with the Mongolian girl.

I would like to hear your say about his statement on the paper yesterday. Come on let it all out.


BobbyT said...

It's true ma what he said to the newspaper. Dun want to comment beyond that, we're each entitled to our own opinions :)

sixtyoldman said...

he is really making history,
i wonder what next2 history
text book will talk about him..
he have no significant contribution
to tell, maybe making controversy..
he say two years because he want making everything right first but i wonder.. can he do something that he can't do all his reign year, in two year..

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