Winning 35 times at Genting's Morte Carlo

As mentioned in the previous post, I had a day trip up to Genting Highlands on Saturday after my appointment with a client. I parked my car at the Gombak Putra LRT Terminal, before proceeding to the Genting Express Ticket Counter. To my surprise, the next available bus is at 2.30pm and its 11am. No way I'm gonna wait for 3 hours plus for the next bus, so I decided to take the illegal taxi up which cost me RM20 from Gombak all the way up to Genting Highlands. The reason why I said illegal taxi is cause these drivers aren't given permit to drive this route, but they are mere opportunist trying to make some quick buck from gamblers and holiday makers who doesn't wanna wait so darn long for a bus.

I missed working up here, because its cold, and I can walk to work.

Anyway it was a pleasant journey up, the weather was rather cold and it very very misty towards the peak. I arrived safely uphill at 11.40am and proceed to the HR department to meet up with all my ex-colleagues. I only managed catch up with some of them, as most of them were busy with recruitment drives, yes a sign that Genting is expanding. Had lunch with my ex-boss and colleague and had a good chat. From all the chat I had with them, one topic made the most significant impact, and it was how fast time flies and how old I've become. When I first started my career with Genting, it was in 2004 which is 4 years ago. Since then there has been a major overhaul and most of my colleague which work there initially has already move on.

After lunch, I called up another ex-boss of mine but unfortunately she was rather busy with meetings so I did not meet her in the end. So I decided to hit the Casino, Morte Carlo to make some quick buck to cover my travelling expenses for the day. I played the Russian Roulette with just RM50 on the RM5 table. I told my self, only RM50 whether I win or lose, its just a game. So the game started bet after bet, my chips get lesser and lesser. Not long after playing I only have a balance of RM20 and that's when I got a strong feeling that the Number 18 will be my lucky number of the day. So I place a RM5 chip on the Number 18.

This is how the game is being played

Roulette Guide

The wheel was spin and the ball was rolled and it actually stop at Number 18. Waoh, at that instant I feel like screaming because the payout is 35 times of RM5, which is RM175. But I manage to pull myself together and told myself, you just bet RM5 idiot, its not like you made a bet of RM50 or RM500 which will yield a profit of RM1750 or RM17500 respectively if I did so. After the win I played a few more rounds but luck wasn't on my side. So I decided to leave the casino and took home a winning of RM200(RM150 profit + RM50 capital).

This is the payout chart for Roulette at Genting

I went over to the HR department's office again to say Sayonara to everyone before I catch a taxi to Kuala Lumpur. Arrived at the Gombak Station at almost 6.30pm, took my car and drove home to change before going to Hennessy Artistry Party at Bukit Kiara.


Simon Seow said...

I always lose money in Genting T_T

Charlie said...

Try not to put so high hope, cause you will have less preasure and thus a much more enjoyable game. Its easier to win that way, but then again, luck play an important role. Try wearing your lucky colour. Maybe we can go together next time.

RuRu Jane~ said...

hahaha.. can I join? :p

I like to go to casino once in a while to play play a bit with luck one..

btw, you were very da lucky for that.. haha...

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