Miss World Malaysia 2008 goes on killing spree

Ladies & Gentlemen, sit back and relax while I present to you the prestigious Miss World Malaysia 2008. To keep this post short and simple, the snapshot below would best describe the Miss World Malaysia 2008.

This year's Miss World Malaysia 2008 pageant adopted a different approach in their quest to search for the best candidate to be crown Miss World Malaysia 2008. Instead of having people to vote for who they think should win the crown, the organiser decided to add some spices by tweaking the way this years pageant is being run. This year, people would have to vote for candidates which they think should be eliminated from the event. Each vote will be counted as one kill. The candidate with the less kill at the end of the contest would be crown Miss World Malaysia 2008.

For those who would like to vote and make your, make sure you go through the guide below to avoid any deadly mistake.

Once you have read through the KILLING GUIDE, its time to move on and put your killing skill to test. Head on to Miss World Malaysia 2008 portal and let the killing fiesta begin.

The mainpage of Miss World Malaysia 2008 portal

There are a total of 15 beauties victims for you to choose. So make sure you scrutinise each and every profile before making any kill.

The first 8 victims, (Clockwise from Top right: Angeline Yap Lee Lee, April Yong, Chan Hean Ching, Chow Xiang Yee, Cherly Yew Pik Fun, Chantell Chuah, Audrey Loh and Audrey Key Jia Ling)

The second 8 victims, (Clockwise from Top right: Natalie Chuah, Cindy Chen, Germiane Ong Jia Min, Heidi Raman, Jaslinder Kaur, Janice Gan Wei Shan, Devenna Jaikob and Daphne Chua Ann Yean)

The third 8 victims, (Clockwise from Top right: Jessie Lau Sing Yi, Joanne Kimberly J.Majalap, Lim Ai Ping, Moon Ko Suet Fen, Pua Ai Lee, Parveen Kaur A/P Puran Singh, Koh Tsu Yi and Kismet Kaur Sandhu)

The last 7 victims, (Clockwise from Top right: Rachel Theng Mei Yee, Rounnah Beb Robert Sylvester, Soo Wincci, Thanuja Ananthan, Pauline Ong Poh Lin, Shereen Kaur and Santha A/P Chandherasegaran)

If you like any of those victims, you can actually click on their picture to read their profile which looks like the one below

Its Germaine profile, one of the nuffies that were seen at Nuffnang recent Wild Live Party. She is also among one of the youngest victim here.

After reading through those profile, if you wish to eliminate any particular victims, just click on the KILL button. Notice the picture above the KILL button, the more black spot it has covering the victim's picture, simply means the particular victim is nearer to death.

A Thank You note for KILLING. I tried killing one of the victim(not Germaine cause she is young and pretty and most importantly she is a nuffie so must give face lah)

Casualty: One of the victim who got killed(notice that the profile picture on the right is black with the word KILLED)

At the time of posting this, 5 victims has been KILLED from the contest and they are Audrey Loh, Pua Ai Lee, Parveen Kaur A/P Puran Singh, Koh Tsu Yi and Rounnah Beb Robert Sylvester.
(Lynn Syn Audrey Loh)
So what are you waiting for log on to Miss World Malaysia 2008 and starting killing.


Simon Seow said...

Kill the others, save Germaine.

Charlie said...

Simon: haha, you have a heart for that gurl eh...

tw said...

weeeee~ support germain because she's my friend's cousin too!! =)

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