The Terry Fox Run KL 09

Well as I've mentioned in my previous post, I've participated in the Terry Fox Run KL 09. for more details on the history please refer to the previous post by clicking here.
Anyway, let me share more on the race, its scheduled to start at 8.45am which I am proud to say that I arrived rather early. Even then the whole Lake Garden was packed with cars, with Malaysian Drivers doing the double parking and triple parking trick. I bet you don't see these magic anywhere else.

This year's race involved a huge list of contributor in the name of Cancer Research

I was surprise to see the huge crowd, especially the corporate participants, company like Shell, Pfizer, Rentokil, Petronas were there in full force ranging for 60 up to 250 representatives. There were no official figures as to the total number of participants involved as there we no formal registration or tracking in place. However judging from the numbers of people that turn up, there is at least 2000 people on that day, which make running rather difficult as the path in the park were too small to accommodate such a huge crowd at the same time.

The crowd at the starting point, its impossible to run in such a crowd.

I took the 5KM route which was rather easy compare to the Frost and Suvillien Frost the Trail run for Corporate Social Responsibility. Completed the race in less than 50 minutes despite the huge crowd which made it almost impossible to run at the start of the race.

The satisfaction of completing the race is just priceless and so I rewarded myself with Dim Sum @ Damansara Jaya which my bro and colleague who participated in the race as well.

Will definitely join again next year.

Let's Frost the Trail KL 09

Early this month(9th Oct), my company participate in Frost the Trail KL 09, run for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) organised by Frost & Sullivan. The event is a 8.1KM run across jungle trail @ the Forest Reserve Institute Malaysia (FRIM).

The race was schedule to began at 8am and I was there with my colleague 5 minutes late. As some of the VIP as well as participants were late, the race was eventually flagged off at 8.30am about 30 minutes delay which is rather early for Malaysian standard. Late is better than never right.

Upon arriving, the first thing we are required to do is register and sign the indemnity form.

After registration, we collected goody bag at the goodies collection point.

The goody bag includes some very interesting gifts which I will share with you later.

One of the beneficiaries giving their thank you speech.

To participate in this race, which is open to all corporate Malaysian, each team of 4 runners will require a contribution of RM5000. The company I was representing had 4 teams of energetic young professionals which of cause include myself. The money raised from the race will be given to 3 beneficiaries, namely Pusat Kasih Sayang YWCA, Pusat Jagaan Kanak-Kanak Kurang Upaya KIRTASH and Yayasan Anak Warisan Alam (YAWA).

All in all there were a total of a total of 14 companies, 25 teams and 100 runners. This is my first time running such a distance, first time doing it on a jungle track and first time doing so without a single training before hand. I'm glad I was able to complete the entire run in 75 minutes despite not practicing at all

The freebies in the goody bag include a Frost the Trail T Shirt, M&N Chocolates, A notepad from Proton and a BMW.

Frost the Trail 09 T-shirt

My brand new BMW, not from Auto Bavaria but Intel.

The front view of my BMW which actually function as a pc mouse. Pretty cool mouse to own eh.

Will certainly return next year, if my company continue to sponsor this race. Hope to see you guys there next year.

Terry Fox Run @ Kuala Lumpur

At the young age of 18, Terry Fox a young Canadian man could have had a bright and promising future ahead of him, but unfortunately he was diagnose with Bone Cancer which causes his right leg to be amputated. While he was being treated in the hospital, he witness all the pain and suffering suffered by Cancer Patients, he had the thought of making a difference in people's life, especially those who are suffering from cancer.

When he was discharged, he decided to run across Canada in a bid to raise awareness and fund for Cancer Research. With his prosthetic leg, he ran across Canada with the hope of collecting a dollar from each Canadian. It was called the Marathon of Hope. Terry was determine to run a marathon everyday for 143 days consecutively, that's 42km a day (the distant of a typical marathon)and a whooping 6006km in total. However, he only manage to complete 5373Km(37.5KM a day) when he discovered that his cancer has spread to his lungs which force him to stop running . Terry Fox pass away at the young age of 22 on 21st June 1981(1month before his 23rd birthday). Though he left us all at a tender age of 22, his legacy lives on till today as millions of people around the globe come together for the Terry Fox Run annually to raised fund for Cancer Research.

This year, the Terry Fox Run KL 2009 will take place on the 1st of November 2009. Details are as per below:
Venue: Jalan Keun Bunga, Taman Tasik Perdana, KL (KL Lake Garden)
Date: 1st November 2009
Time: 8.45am (Participants are advice to be there early and gather at 8.00am. The race starts at 8.45am)
Remarks: There is no participation fees or registration required. If you would like to donate, get yourself a Terry Fox Run KL 2009 T-Shirt for RM25. All proceed goes to the Cancer Research Initiative Foundation (CARIF). There is 2 route, one 3.5KM and the second at 5KM. Everyone is encourage to bring your family, relatives, girlfriend, boyfriend, friends, colleague and neighbour along.

I will be join this race for the first time and have gotten myself a Terry Fox T-Shirt for the race. If are free this Sunday, please feel free to join me for a good cause.

The Beneficiary of the Terry Fox Run KL is CARIF. CARIF can be contacted at: 2nd Floor, Outpatient Centre, Subang Jaya Medical Centre, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor. Contact No: +603-5630 6774.

DiGi 3G Service Experience

The long wait 3G Service by DiGi Telecommunications will finally be over soon when DiGi turn on its 3G Services commercially this Thursday 22nd October 2009. More than 7.2 million customers will be able to see the 3G signal on their phone, surf on the phone as well as make video calls.

Since its not launched yet, let me share some of my experience using the service. Yes, I've used the service as I was one of the lucky user who was chosen as a trial user early June 2009 and I must say I'm pretty impressed with the service thus far. I've try making a video call to one of my friend who was rather surprise to receive a video call considering that I'm on 016(DiGi or some call it DG). And the video quality is above acceptable quality.

Apart from video call, I also enjoy faster data access or some call it broadband surfing on my E71. With this, I was able to check on my facebook more often and also do video streaming on The only setback is that coverage is limited and the service is currently available at Klang Valey, Kota Kinabalu and Pinang.

So DiGi subscriber in the other location, you have got to be more patience while DiGi expand its service your your location. Those who are in the above mentioned location, you should see the 3G signal turning starting from this Thursday onward. As this service will be turn on phase by phase to avoid sudden congestion, please be patience if you don't see the signal in a day or two. You may find out more by calling the helpline at 016-2211800 for general consumer or 016-2298888 for Business Customer.

Please share your experience if you have tried it...
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