The Terry Fox Run KL 09

Well as I've mentioned in my previous post, I've participated in the Terry Fox Run KL 09. for more details on the history please refer to the previous post by clicking here.
Anyway, let me share more on the race, its scheduled to start at 8.45am which I am proud to say that I arrived rather early. Even then the whole Lake Garden was packed with cars, with Malaysian Drivers doing the double parking and triple parking trick. I bet you don't see these magic anywhere else.

This year's race involved a huge list of contributor in the name of Cancer Research

I was surprise to see the huge crowd, especially the corporate participants, company like Shell, Pfizer, Rentokil, Petronas were there in full force ranging for 60 up to 250 representatives. There were no official figures as to the total number of participants involved as there we no formal registration or tracking in place. However judging from the numbers of people that turn up, there is at least 2000 people on that day, which make running rather difficult as the path in the park were too small to accommodate such a huge crowd at the same time.

The crowd at the starting point, its impossible to run in such a crowd.

I took the 5KM route which was rather easy compare to the Frost and Suvillien Frost the Trail run for Corporate Social Responsibility. Completed the race in less than 50 minutes despite the huge crowd which made it almost impossible to run at the start of the race.

The satisfaction of completing the race is just priceless and so I rewarded myself with Dim Sum @ Damansara Jaya which my bro and colleague who participated in the race as well.

Will definitely join again next year.


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