Terry Fox Run @ Kuala Lumpur

At the young age of 18, Terry Fox a young Canadian man could have had a bright and promising future ahead of him, but unfortunately he was diagnose with Bone Cancer which causes his right leg to be amputated. While he was being treated in the hospital, he witness all the pain and suffering suffered by Cancer Patients, he had the thought of making a difference in people's life, especially those who are suffering from cancer.

When he was discharged, he decided to run across Canada in a bid to raise awareness and fund for Cancer Research. With his prosthetic leg, he ran across Canada with the hope of collecting a dollar from each Canadian. It was called the Marathon of Hope. Terry was determine to run a marathon everyday for 143 days consecutively, that's 42km a day (the distant of a typical marathon)and a whooping 6006km in total. However, he only manage to complete 5373Km(37.5KM a day) when he discovered that his cancer has spread to his lungs which force him to stop running . Terry Fox pass away at the young age of 22 on 21st June 1981(1month before his 23rd birthday). Though he left us all at a tender age of 22, his legacy lives on till today as millions of people around the globe come together for the Terry Fox Run annually to raised fund for Cancer Research.

This year, the Terry Fox Run KL 2009 will take place on the 1st of November 2009. Details are as per below:
Venue: Jalan Keun Bunga, Taman Tasik Perdana, KL (KL Lake Garden)
Date: 1st November 2009
Time: 8.45am (Participants are advice to be there early and gather at 8.00am. The race starts at 8.45am)
Remarks: There is no participation fees or registration required. If you would like to donate, get yourself a Terry Fox Run KL 2009 T-Shirt for RM25. All proceed goes to the Cancer Research Initiative Foundation (CARIF). There is 2 route, one 3.5KM and the second at 5KM. Everyone is encourage to bring your family, relatives, girlfriend, boyfriend, friends, colleague and neighbour along.

I will be join this race for the first time and have gotten myself a Terry Fox T-Shirt for the race. If are free this Sunday, please feel free to join me for a good cause.

The Beneficiary of the Terry Fox Run KL is CARIF. CARIF can be contacted at: 2nd Floor, Outpatient Centre, Subang Jaya Medical Centre, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor. Contact No: +603-5630 6774.


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