The Garden Club @ MidValley

Competition among shopping malls these days is becoming more intense these days. Besides having nice interior design, reputable tenants, accessibility(parking, public transport), malls operator are beginning to realise that they too have to focus to customer service and brand loyalty.

My recent shopping trip to The Gardens @ MidValley reveal that the Malls Operator has begun rewarding high revenue shopper with VIP membership. I earn myself a membership to The Gardens Club when I spend RM1,000 @ Isetan, The Garden on the same day.

Wow, even shopping malls are giving out VIP card, but what's the benefit of being one? Well for starter, the membership will grant the member access to an exclusive Gardens Club Lounge located on the 4th Floor of The Gardens.

Just like any other VIP Lounge, members will be able have access to magazines, newspapers, free flow of drink at the drinks machine, computers with Internet access, VIP washroom and shower room. Besides that, there is also a free wrapping service at the concierge(inclusive of wrapping paper and service), and locker service for members.

Each member can access the lounge with 1 guess at anyone time.

Those who spend less than RM1,000 and would still wanna get the membership can apply at the counter with RM100 for a year.

The Gardens Club application form.

woot!! My Gardens Club Membership Card with my name on it.

The card also comes with some other benefit such as free parking for the first 3 hour when you spend more than RM100 within The Gardens. And first 4 hour of free valet parking for spending above RM500 in a single receipt within the mall. Members will also get exclusive invitation to events and activities held at The Gardens.

I was given a welcome pack which comes with the following 3 things;

CRES RM100 Therapy Voucher.

Exclusive offer from Centro Hair Salon

3 copies of Complimentary Valet Parking Voucher

Personally I think the membership is really worth it, if you are a frequent shopper. especially the locker service is good cause I can shop all day and keep my valuable belonging in the locker with worrying that someone might break into my car and take all my stuff. Beside that the free wrapping service can help me save a lot when it comes to holiday season such as Christmas ad most shop doest not provide free wrapper and wrapping service these days due to rising cost. its certainly a good way to save some money.

If you have not got your membership, go get it now.

Twenty One - Bangsar Shopping Centre

Just last evening, I was dining with my colleagues @ Twenty One, Table + Terrace @ Bangsar Shopping Centre. This outlet is similar to Twenty One, Kitchen + Bar @ Changkat Bukit Bintang but offer a slightly tweak menu for a change.

The Entrance - Sleek & Clean design.

Located on the 3rd floor of BSC, it has been around for sometime and seems to be quite happening as I've observed. The restaurant is located at the corner lot thus enabling its customer to enjoy the panoramic view of the KL Skyline while indulging in its mouth watering menu. The KL Tower & Maybank HQ can be clearly seen from here too.

This is the table that where we sat.

The fountain near the bar area.

It may seem quiet now, but later during the night, you will see lots of girl sitting around this magical fountain.

Even the match box has a sleek design..

Getting ready to fill our growling stomach.

The food menu is design consistently with the theme

Since there were almost 20 of us, we ordered a variety of drinks which include cocktails, Hoegaarden, and wine.

Forgot what its called, but my colleague called it the chap choy drink mainly because of how the content is mixed.

I'd Twenty One Degrees (x-rated, lime, brown sugar)

The funny part when we were ordering this is that I'd one colleague who never go out for drink, or must I say a complete nob when it comes to ordering at place like these. He asked me to do him a favour by ordering him a drink, so I asked the waitress to come over and said: Can you please give this gentlemen sex on the beach? My colleague immediately gave me a shocking stare which I later explain that its the name of the drink. Thinking back on his facial expression now just kept me laughing.

The Starter (tiny cubes of bread, served with olive oil and crushed nuts)

I think they revamp the menu slightly because the menu I saw was different from what they published on the website and certainly different from some of the blog reviews which I've read. Anyway, since we want to have a variety of choice, we decided to order each item on the menu and share it except for item which contains beef(most of my colleague don't take beef) and the salads.

Black Cod with Foam @ RM58

Well, not sure what is the foam doing on the cod fish, maybe the chef has ran out of ideas on how to present the food. Anyway this dish is the second most expensive on the menu but it doesn't taste like its the second best dish on the menu. In fact i think the its over-rated. I've had cod fish that are way better.

Seared Chicken with 65 Degree Egg @RM24

This is in fact another disappointment, @ RM24 for this dish, its a total waste of money. The chicken is too dry and hard. The taste was a bit monotone too..

Fettuccine Aglio Olio @ RM38

For the Fettuccine, the only think that is nice is the 3 pieces of white prawn served with it.

Potato Foam with Crisped Potato @RM14

Nothing special, just a few deep fried potatoes that seem to be over cook till all the juice dry up. I would definitely not pay RM14 for this.

Spaghetti in white wine Parmesan Nage @ RM26

The Spaghetti is actually quite good, its not over cooked and the white sauce was nicely prepared . At the price of RM26 per serving, its actually quite affordable for a place like Twenty One.

Charred White Prawn with Pumpkin puree & hot & sour prawn broth @ RM30

All in all, I personally feel that this is the best dish among the many dishes that we have ordered for the evening. After having sampled the main course, its time for some dessert and here's what we had..

White Chocolate with Creme Cheese Mousse @ RM22

Taste wise, its so so only and I would say that this dessert is a little overpriced.

Baked Dark Chocolate Ganache @ RM22

It may not look that good, but it surely taste better than it looks. Dont judge a book by its cover!!! This may not be the best, but definitely a must try for chocolate lovers.

Well, well, after having take so many pictures of the place and food, its time for some portrait shots to record the memories.

My colleague, Allie & I

(Clockwise from top left) Me, Heng, Kelvin, and Lai

For those who would like to try check out the place, here's the address.

Overall, Twenty One is definitely not a place to dine. However if you are looking for a nice place to drink and chill out, then this is the place you should be. Please take note that this place gets really crowded with young professional and expatriates as the night goes by. Wouldn't mine trying out the food @ this place again in the next 12 months, provided that they change a new chef or the chef improve his/her cooking skill significantly.

Meet my new friend SokYen

BlackBerry Bold 9700 Official Launch by Research In Motion (RIM)

Just this evening, I've had the privilege of being invited to attend BlackBerry Bold 9700 official launch in Malaysia, an exclusive event organised by Research In Motion (RIM) Asia.

The event was held at Neo Global Tapas & Luxe Lounge @ Kuala Lumpur. Its located along Jalan Sultan Ismail, besides Wisma KFC. It's one a night filled with glamour and excitement. Only a handful of VVIPs, and people within the telecommunications industry were invited.

Took this shot from across the street.

A closer look....

RIM certainly knows how to treat its guest with lots of girl(mind you they are not only hot but famous in the entertainment industry as well - ** dont think dirty, they are decent people), free flow of food & wines, sponsored jockey parking & exclusive premiums for guests.

Even the stairs leading to the venue is filled with BlackBerry logo

Registration Counter

Look at the premium gifts

(L to R) Myself, Tien Huat from RIM, Oki Lai from DiGi, and Kern from RIM

Basically there most of the people at the event were either from RIM, DiGi, Maxis or Celcom. Anyway its a nice event to be at, apart from the setup of the venue, its also the best place to get up close and personal with the new BlackBerry BOLD 9700 which will be officially launch by Celcom tomorrow @ La Bodega , Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. Celcom managed to cling on the exclusive right to launch it first mainly because of its tied up with Vodafone thus enabling it to ride to Vodefone takeup volume of the BlackBerry Bold 9700. So people who are using Maxis and DiGi, please patience cause patience is a virtue.

(L to R)Dzulkifly from DiGi, myself, Tian Huat, James from DiGi, Oki Lai

(L to R) Oki, myself, Tien Huat, Charmaine Poo, James, Dzulkifly.

Charmaine and myself

Well if you are wondering who Charmaine is, try visiting her official site @ or google her name.

I cant remember the name of this lady, but I was told that she is quite well known. Maybe some of you out there can help me out.

(L to R) James, Oki, Dzulkifly, Kenneth Lee(GM of Commercial & SME from Maxis) and myself.

(L to R) Myself, Oki, Adeline from RIM, Dzulkifly and James

I didn't really manage to mingle around as I only arrive at the event slightly after 10 as I was having dinner much earlier, thus I miss the opening which my colleague told me was superb as they have former Miss Malaysia from 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 and the list goes on... all these beauty queen were parading with the brand new Bold 9700 during the opening.

Well lets have a sneak peak of what's inside the box of exclusive premium gift:

Distinctly BOLD, what a perfect name for it.

It's a BlackBerry Bold 9700 leather case.

Was hoping that they gave out a unit of Bold 9700 for each guest, but it was such a disappointment because all I got is an exclusive leather case.

They even include a 4GB MicroSD Card.

Well, if you are wondering if I'm giving off or selling these premium, the answer is a big NO. I prefer to keep it until it rot and when my company decides to give me a BlackBerry Bold 9700, which ever comes first. If anyone from RIM is reading, please consider sponsoring me 1 Unit k?

ASTRO B.yond Blogger Night

Last night I'd the was invited by Nuffnang to join a list of famous bloggers at the ASTRO B.yond Bloggers Night. This event showcase the superior motion and sound quality of ASTRO B.yond in High-Definition Format or better known as HD. Malaysian bloggers were among the first to watch the premiere of Malaysia's First High-Definition Television Commercial which will subsequently be aired on all the 5 HD channel on ASTRO. Held at Rain Club, Modesto's, Desa Sri Hartamas, the event which was schedule to start at 7.30pm only managed to kick off about 30 minutes later as most people came late.

As tradition in any bloggers event, I'm given a piece of sticker to write my name on and stick it on myself.

Each bloggers were given a goody bag each which contain the press release as well some freebies such ASTRO Water Bottle & a very nice mini organiser.

Experience, See, Hear, Touch and Feel everything in HD, that's the concept that ASTRO is selling.

Bloggers are also invited to pen down their new year resolutions at the entrance.

The crowd enjoy Malaysia's First HD TV Commercial.

I was told that this television commercial is one of the longest in Malaysia Television commercial history with a length of approximately 2.30 minutes. Beside the premiere of the first HD commercial, there were also games whereby bloggers are given a chance to win a 32" LG HDTV and 1 year free subscribtion to ASTRO B.yond service. was one of the first few bloggers featured in HD Advertisement

Me, Jojo, and Euveng posing with our BlackBerry Bold and Curve powered by DiGi

Last but not least, its me and JoJo Struys.

JoJo was there with here Project Alpha Crew to interview some bloggers and to do an event coverage for the night. It's overall a fun filled event with lots of food and free flow of drink, not just soda's but beer as well. Now that's what i call a party, bottomless drinks and food.

Astro B.yond is currently being broadcast in HD and Dobly 5.1 Surround Sound an is available on 5 channel, namely ASTRO SuperSport HD (Ch 831), HBO HD (Ch 431), National Geographic Channel HD (Ch 573), HISTORY HD (Ch 575) and ESPN HD(832).

Existing customer who would like to experience ASTRO B.yond will have to sign up for an additional service at RM20 per month, commit for 12 months and get the installation fees waived. Besides the ASTRO B.yond service, the customers will also get a new B.yond Box, new smart card, new outdoor unit dish, HD Multimedia Interface(HDMI) Cable, and a new remote control. For more info, you may check out or

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