BlackBerry Bold 9700 Official Launch by Research In Motion (RIM)

Just this evening, I've had the privilege of being invited to attend BlackBerry Bold 9700 official launch in Malaysia, an exclusive event organised by Research In Motion (RIM) Asia.

The event was held at Neo Global Tapas & Luxe Lounge @ Kuala Lumpur. Its located along Jalan Sultan Ismail, besides Wisma KFC. It's one a night filled with glamour and excitement. Only a handful of VVIPs, and people within the telecommunications industry were invited.

Took this shot from across the street.

A closer look....

RIM certainly knows how to treat its guest with lots of girl(mind you they are not only hot but famous in the entertainment industry as well - ** dont think dirty, they are decent people), free flow of food & wines, sponsored jockey parking & exclusive premiums for guests.

Even the stairs leading to the venue is filled with BlackBerry logo

Registration Counter

Look at the premium gifts

(L to R) Myself, Tien Huat from RIM, Oki Lai from DiGi, and Kern from RIM

Basically there most of the people at the event were either from RIM, DiGi, Maxis or Celcom. Anyway its a nice event to be at, apart from the setup of the venue, its also the best place to get up close and personal with the new BlackBerry BOLD 9700 which will be officially launch by Celcom tomorrow @ La Bodega , Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. Celcom managed to cling on the exclusive right to launch it first mainly because of its tied up with Vodafone thus enabling it to ride to Vodefone takeup volume of the BlackBerry Bold 9700. So people who are using Maxis and DiGi, please patience cause patience is a virtue.

(L to R)Dzulkifly from DiGi, myself, Tian Huat, James from DiGi, Oki Lai

(L to R) Oki, myself, Tien Huat, Charmaine Poo, James, Dzulkifly.

Charmaine and myself

Well if you are wondering who Charmaine is, try visiting her official site @ or google her name.

I cant remember the name of this lady, but I was told that she is quite well known. Maybe some of you out there can help me out.

(L to R) James, Oki, Dzulkifly, Kenneth Lee(GM of Commercial & SME from Maxis) and myself.

(L to R) Myself, Oki, Adeline from RIM, Dzulkifly and James

I didn't really manage to mingle around as I only arrive at the event slightly after 10 as I was having dinner much earlier, thus I miss the opening which my colleague told me was superb as they have former Miss Malaysia from 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 and the list goes on... all these beauty queen were parading with the brand new Bold 9700 during the opening.

Well lets have a sneak peak of what's inside the box of exclusive premium gift:

Distinctly BOLD, what a perfect name for it.

It's a BlackBerry Bold 9700 leather case.

Was hoping that they gave out a unit of Bold 9700 for each guest, but it was such a disappointment because all I got is an exclusive leather case.

They even include a 4GB MicroSD Card.

Well, if you are wondering if I'm giving off or selling these premium, the answer is a big NO. I prefer to keep it until it rot and when my company decides to give me a BlackBerry Bold 9700, which ever comes first. If anyone from RIM is reading, please consider sponsoring me 1 Unit k?


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