First wedding of the Year

It's only the 2nd of January 2010, the second day of year 2010 and there is already a wedding taking place. With social media evolving like wild fire, gone are the days where traditional wedding invitation card are given out to guess.
Less than 2 weeks ago, I received an facebook event invite from both Dinah Woon & Paul Tan. Both of which were my good friend back in high school. I've known them for 10 year and counting and was really happy that they decided to officially tie the knot.

The wedding ceremony took place at First Baptist Church PJ (Off Jalan Gasing), which operates as a kindergarten known as Jack & Jill during weekdays. This was where I learned to read during my childhood days. Anyway, wedding is always joyous occasion to attend, something that I always enjoy because this is where I get to catch up with my friends, especially those that I've not seen for ages.


Lim Benji, my best friend back in high school.

Benji is the camera man for Paul & Dinah's wedding ceremony. FYI, Benji is now a film director, having involved in 2 short movie's namely S'kali & The Joshua Tapes. Both film made it to the silver screen which is an achievement I'm proud of as a friend. He was also the director for the short film entitle METER, a short film by 15Malaysia. Will certainly be looking forward to see more of his work soon.

Yi Khai, a funny guy who never fail to bring laughter to people around him.

Liang, a successfully banker with Kuwait finance house

Lucas, Siang Fen, Dinah, Deborah, and myself.

Dinah used to live just one street away from my place before she migrated to Melbourne. Both Paul and herself are currently residing down under and they purposely came back for the ceremony so that all that all the family and friends could come for the wedding.

Boon Hock & I. Another great guy who always stand up for his friends.

Stephanie, my classmate who is every so sweet.

A group photo with the bride and bridegroom

Spend a good 3 hours at the Church for the wedding and also to catch up with my friends. I'm heading to Ipoh now for Dinner @ Overseas Restaurant.


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