How do you measure Success?

Unlike distant, length, height, Success is does not come with a standard measurement system. There isn't any universally known measurement unit which can tell how successful a person, project or company is doing.

I can confidently say that it is everyone dream to be successfully in life. From the time when we learn how to walk till the day we retire, success is bound to be in every corner of our lifes. But how do we actually measure success?

So I decided to conduct a small little survey with several close friends of mine.

Here is the question thrown to at my respondents, In your own opinion, How do you measure success?

First respondent(my ex-sifu)
- F à c é B ö ö k ë d [ O n M C ] says (02:36 AM):
measure by the goals u set lah
- F à c é B ö ö k ë d [ O n M C ] says (02:36 AM):
like this yr
- F à c é B ö ö k ë d [ O n M C ] says (02:36 AM):
wat u set the goals
- F à c é B ö ö k ë d [ O n M C ] says (02:36 AM):
then compare how much u achieve
- F à c é B ö ö k ë d [ O n M C ] says (02:36 AM):
then u need benchmarking also
- F à c é B ö ö k ë d [ O n M C ] says (02:36 AM):
like who is ur idol
- F à c é B ö ö k ë d [ O n M C ] says (02:36 AM):
u compare ur success with his
- F à c é B ö ö k ë d [ O n M C ] says (02:36 AM):
then u knw where u stand

My second respondent:
*sara. says (02:41 AM):
happiness and completion of goals

Third respondent:

BoNG says (02:50 AM):
it's a journey, not destination. Measure by daily, hourly or evan every minute of what are are doing.
BoNG says (02:50 AM):
i believe successful ppl plan their goals at least daily.

Fourth respondent:
Rchel says (03:00 AM):
success is when u have achieved what u want in life and is happy with what u have and are

So how do you measure success? do share your opinion by dropping your comments. Thanks.

Now you can buy the World. Can you afford it ?

How many times have you ever think and say to yourself I could run this country better if i was given the chance? I would like to own and run Malaysia, Australia or maybe the UK? It may seems impossible and people around you may also think that you are insane, Hitler wannabe, and maybe day dreaming.

Modern Technology and Globalisation finally made it possible for you to own any country of your choice, provided you have enough legal tender notes to burn.

Ladies and Gentleman, without further ado, I would like to present to you "THE WORLD". Yes you heard it right, THE WORLD. So what is the world? The World is the latest property development conceptualise by H.H General Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown of Dubai. So what is THE WORLD? Well its a development project which rebuild the world, but in a smaller scale, a total of 300 island will be build to resemble countries and continents, and the final product will resemble the world map.

Claimed to be the world's most innovative real estate development, every single country and island will be put on sale. So if you have the tough of buying Australia and turning the whole country into a resort with Asian theme, its entirely up to you as long as you have the financial baking to do so.

The World, comes with 4 pre-planned Island Typology, namely Low Density, High Density, Resort and Commercial. It also comes with hubs and transportation service such as water taxi. now how is that for a change, traffic jam at sea.. The World also comes with complete with a high tech water, power and sewage system.

With this new development, you can travel THE WORLD in less than a day. Now that's globalisation.

Welcome to the rich man's world. Wish I could afford to buy the cheapest Island though.

So would you buy a piece of property at THE WORLD if you had the money? and which country would you like to buy ?

To find out more kindly click Google Result or YouTube

Who is Charlie Chia?

Since was launched on the 12th of September 2007, many has been asking, who is Charlie Chia? Many questions were were raised, and many left unanswered. So who is this guy or gurl by the name of Charlie Chia.

Charlie Chia is a 22yrs old guy, a self made millionaire who often live a life of a beggar. Who say wealthy people spend money money on big houses, big cars, and women's.

He is a dreamer, always passionate about his dreams cause dreams makes the impossible, possible.

His highest education level thus far is a bachelor in Business Administration. He had had held many leadership position since his school day. He is also the founder of various organisation in both local and international level. He had a short stint with a leading MNC, Genting Group, which will soon be the largest(in asia) and 3rd largest(world) within the industry.

Well, just to make life simple, and to avoid such stupid and common questions being asked over and over again, please take your time to read the biodata below.

Name: Charlie Chia
Date of birth: Age is mention above. So do your own maths. If you problem reading this, kindly contact me, I will be more than happy to sponsor you the cost of a specialist check up.
Address: Due to the threat of terrorism. This information shall be classified as confidential.
Mobile: Sorry its only for my close friends and business associates
Email: (Enquiries, Sponsors, Career Opportunity, Business Development)

Nationality: A proud Malaysian

AIESEC, Wealth Creation and Preservation, Business Development, Marketing.

My Favourites:
Food: Roti Telur, Roti Banjir, Roti Telur Bawang, Roti Bom, Maggie Goreng, Char Kuey Teow, Chee Cheong Fun.(Eat these 6 times a day, who says malaysian only eat 5 times?)

Drink: H2O(Free most of the time), Shuit Cha(Chinese Tea with Ais, cost RM0.40), Ais Kosong(Chilled H20, cost RM0.20)

Clothes: Padini, Pasar Malam Apparel(SS2 and Petaling Street),
Here are some of the common question my friends usually ask:
Why did you want to become a millionaire?
I wanted to be a billionaire. Being a millionaire is just the beginning I guess, but I am happy with what I have now.

Wait, you still did not answer the question, why did you want to be a millionaire or billionaire?
Sense of Security, It true that money cant buy happiness, but you will certainly be more miserable with out money.

How does it feel to be a millionaire?
Answer: Life still goes on. I still eat, drink and wear everything mention at my favourite column.
Who is your role model?
Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, for his ability to dream the impossible and turn it into reality.
Lee Kah Shing, turning waste into dollars
Dato' Tony Fernandes, the guy who revolutionise air travel and making it affordable for you and me.

Charlie Chia shall not be held liable for the accuracy and credibility of the information above. All information in this post is deem accurate at press time.

Being Wealthy isn't just a dream.

Wealth to many of us is merely a dream, something that is impossible to obtain. It's never easy to accumulate a substantial amount of wealth to be consider wealthy. If you have read of stories like those of Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, Tan Sri Robert Kuok, Lee Kah Shing, and other tycoon around, these great enterpreneurs did not inherit their wealth. They are fine example of rags to riches. Its through sheer hardship that they experienced in their early days which makes them what they are today. It's never easy to accumulate wealth sufficient enough to match Robert Kuok networth, or at least to lead a live of financial freedom.

Recent survey show that its not difficult to accumulate wealth but preserving it is one of the toughies act. The Chinese has always believe that wealth never last more than 3 generation. This is especially true in most Chinese family, were the first generation may have accumulated a total wealth of RM10million, divided it equally to 3 of its children. Thus each son/daughter will inherit RM3.333 million each. Assuming that each of the 3 sons/daughters have their own family and further divided the wealth inherited into 3 portion equally, thus each portion will have exactly RM1.111 million(Note that this is already the 3rd generation). If the same were to be repeated, the those in the fourth generation will inherit RM370,000 each portion. This means that the 4th generation will no longer be a millionaire when they inherit the wealth. The scenarios were made with the assumption that inflation is ZERO and each generation does not spend the wealth they inherit. Assuming that the money were to be kept at a license financial institution, either through conventional saving account or fix deposit, with a current FD rate of 3.7% per annum, while inflation is well above 3.8%, the amount of money inherit actually shrink by 0.1% per annum.
Thus the actually amount pass on to the fourth generation might be well below RM200k only. With the growing number of people joining the million dollar club and billion dollar club, the rich and famous are beginning to worry on how they could preserved their wealth and avoid shrinking of wealth for the future generation. Well unless you have a pot of gold which constantly generate wealth like Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong's casino which help generate wealth daily at a unimaginable rate, you should be cracking your head, thinking of how you could ensure that your future generation life a wealth life like you do.

Ok so its all boiled down to wealth preservation. For the rich, wealth preservation comes in many form. Money are usually put intro different investment basket to reduce risk. Properties, Bond, FD, Saving, Stocks, Mutual Fund(Unit Trust) are some of the optional investment vehicle which not only help preserved their wealth but grow it over time too. However please take note that in an investment there will be risk attached with it.The high the return the high the risk and vice versa. For the poor like you and me, we only live on our monthly wage which is bearly sufficient as the cost of living esclate faster than our wage increment. However with prudent wealth management and right mentality you one day join the elite community. I'm not taking about lottery, or gambling in the casino where you can turn into an overnight millionaire but how to make your money work harder than you, and work for you even when you are sleeping or having a game of golf with an old pal.

Kindly take note that I'm not in anyway promoting or associated with any person, product, investment tools used to illustrated my point in the article above. Please make your wise decision with your own intellectual mind and decide whats best for yourself.
Want to be a millionaire? Why not aim higher and be a multi-millionaire instead? Well stay tune as I am gonna unleash a series of write up not only for your reading pleasure but to be practice as well.

U-Turn, What a scary invention?

Have you ever been stop at a road block? Have you ever given a bribe when stop just so that you will be let off without much trouble?

Ive not done either of it since I started driving, but I would have been in big trouble if I was stop last week. Last week I went for a gathering with some of my ex-college(Mantissa) friends, namely Juliet, Tim, Colin and Soon Lee at Mc Donalds, Center Point. I was suppose to give Soon Lee and Colin a ride home after the gathering as they were both living at TTDI. Driving out of McD, the fastest way back to TTDI make a U turn right before the former Sony HQ traffic light. While driving I saw a police road block being setup on the opposite direction thus I decided not to make a U-Turn but drive to TTDI via Damansara Utama. That was on the 20th September. Today I'm glad I made to choice not to make that U-Turn. Why ? Cause while having lunch at Equatoria Kuala Lumpur yesterday, my mum reminded me to renew my driving license, which upon checking I realised that my license has expired on the 14th of September 2007.

Shit man, thinking back, I'm so glad I have not made the U-Turn or else the chances of me getting stopped and brought to the police station will be fairly high. Today, 24th, monday, I woke up early in the morning and rush to the nearest Pos Office to renew my driving license to avoid being end up with any legal actions. Guess what, the renewal for 1 year cost me RM32.

50 minutes pain in the ass.

As usual, the journey to the airport was a boring one, a 50 minutes drive was a a pain in the ass, mainly because I have been to the driving to the airport too regulary in recent months because my friends, collegues, associates and family are all leaving the country either for work purposes, business or to pursui their education. But frankly, after so many trips, I somehow miss the final ramp leading to the KLIA exit of the NKVE. However, being a sentimental person like me, the 50 minutes suffering is unavoidable because i feel obligated to send my friends off. This time around my trip to the airport is to send a close friend, someone whom I consider my half brother, basically because we have been through thick and thin together. Driving along the NKVE leading to KLIA, I was fortunate that Vimalan a.k.a Alan went with me, atleast we did have some good chat and laugh which in a way killed some of our boredom or maybe just mine.

Anyway we reached at about 5.10pm, parked my car at block C and headed right a way to the departure hall where we meet up with Andrew, Wong Hon and Kevin. Suprisingly the main character, the guy whom we will be sending off to UK hasn't arrived at the airport yet. I guess we were more excited than he is. haha. anyway Marco Lam arrived soon after together with his sisters and mother, while his dad parked the car. Knowing him for such a long time and going through all sort of up and down, this is my first time meeting his family members. Even his aunties and grandma who still looks strong and healthly at 95. Like other old folks I knew, this old lady is very proud that her grandson will be going over to the UK to pursue his education. She also express her happiness that Marco has such good friends like us just because we came to send him off. But I'm glad we made the old lady happy.

Queuing at the check in counter was another problem. A good 30minutes was spend at the to stand stagnantly while queuing at the check in counter. We were lucky to have arrived early, so we were only 5 passenger away from the counter, but turning our head to our back, the queue was snake long. At situation like these one would wonder, how an international acclaimed Airport like KLIA which receive numerous award for being a world class airport could have such a degrading customer service. Our facilities and infrastructure maybe of world class standard, but the mentality of our fellow malaysian is still lagging far behind, thus explain how we could have an international airport right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur which provide such a lousy service. Yes i said LOUSY service. If you have tried to connect to the free wifi via your laptop or any electronic device, you would notice that the connection is pretty weak and slow.

Anyway the my trip there wasnt to judge how good KLIA is but to send my good friend off, so I never bother to make any noise or voice my complain which will make life hard for the officer on duty at the counter. Marco succesfully checked in at the Thai Airway counter by 6.15pm, the next 45 minute was spend talking with his families and us, where he took the opportunity to introduce us to his family members and we had some photo session. Before we knew it time was up, and it was time for him to leave us. Why must good time always fly so fast??? erggg... anyway, he say good bye to us and walk calmly toward the security check point. He never did look back, my guess is that tear are already flowing down his cheek. hahah never did see him cry since I knew him. Anywy here is one of the group picture we took together. All the other picture are in his camera.

Charlie, Andrew, Wong Hon, Marco, Kevin, Alan

Another Heng Tai leaving......

In a few hours, I will be driving all the way to airport, to send my friend, a very close friend, someone who has been like a brother to me. Suddenly I woke up really early in the morning, feeling moody, and emptiness in my life. After today, I will have one less 'Heng tai' to talk to, to chill out, to eat lou si fan, to go mamak, and to go shopping together at the stock market as well as the shopping mall.
Looking back at our 3 years of friendship, it has really grown and developed into such a close bond that i will continue to cherish. Marco always been one of my major supporting pillar in developing the AIESEC Local Communitee which I founded a year ago. Although its the 8th Local Committee, we have managed to build it and grow it till what it is today all in the name of friendship and brotherhood.
Anyway, will really miss 'B' 'B' a.k.a Chun Hao a.k.a Marco Lam as he is know to most of my corporate collegues and associates.
Anyway, to Marco, all the best in your studies and keep in touch.

Got a warning from Josh Lim. Who is he ?

Well, guess it wasnt a joke and they meant serious business.

If you have been visiting my blog recently, you would have notice there are afew advertisement banners place strategicly on page. I've sign up with afew advertisement agency, and their name are as follow, Advertlets, Nuffnang, Adbite and Google Adsense.

Advertlets is an online advertising agency which pays blogger or rather who every that own a blog and participate in their program. So do they just give out money like that ? Well certainly not, unless they are filty rich and a little phyco.

Anyway, Advertlets program is pretty simply, they give me the code and I just copy and past the code on my blogs admintrator panel. So how th payment works? Well the program actually pay me, when every people like you visit my blog and also when you click on any of the advertisements. Sound Interesting? Well to be honest, I was still new to this whole blogging stuff and thought since they pay much more when the adverts are being click, I manage to get a couple of my friends to help me out.

So What did my friends do? Well me and my friend when on a trial run, trying to rob the bank, in this case, Advertlets was the bank. And what we did was visit this page and try to click on the adverts as many times as possible, and the earning from the this site grew tremendously, for the past 2 days since we did this, we have been racking up RM29 and RM22.50 respectively. This is consider alot, cause since i re-launch my blog about 11days ago, including today, my daily earning from my advertlets range from RM0.70 to RM3.50 at the most. So you see the difference? We, like the saying goes, Sepandai pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga(in english, as good as a squirel can jump, it will eventually drop on the ground) . So i guess this advertlets program is really good and its protecting its advertisers right. One round of applause for those who founded it, run it and manage it. Malaysia boleh.
Oh and who actually founded, run and managed it? Well its a Malaysian of cause, and We should be proud of our fellow Malaysian. So who is this misterious person, lets the drum roll and light on and keep the camera rolling. Ladies and Gentleman, please give your hand to Mr Josh Lim, yes Josh Lim is his name. So who is this guy by the name of Josh Lim, well i suggest you visit to get a better picture. Anyway, this nice young chap was a friend of mine, did i say friend? yes i certainly did. So how close we are ? Well not really close those, but we meet during one of my organisations event,(AIESEC) back in 2006, thank to Jason for introducing. Josh was also one of the sponsors for my event called Indulgence, the first prom ever held in Genting. for more info on the prom, visit
Have not been in much contact with him since that event and I last meet him at his gym sometime in March 2007. Anyway, I will definatelly take that email of your seriously. Sorry and Thank for the warning Josh.

For those who are curious, let me tell you, you can save the trouble. Here is 2 snap shot which you might find interesting.

The picture above is a mail which I received, warning me of click fraud.

The picture above show that Josh Lim & his associates, visited my blog on 22nd September 2007 at 12.36am(local time)

Election is Coming, What's do you have to say?

Mari kita mengundi and melaksanakan tanggungjawab kita sebagai rakyat malaysia. (Lets vote andexcercise our duty as citisen of Malaysia.)

Yes, it has been the talk of the town for months and been widely speculated by the public that the election will be call this year. Why are there such speculation in the first place? Well for a young chap like me, I may not have a complete understanding on the whole election system, the process as well as the pros and cons.

Anyway, from my analysis, the widely speculated election was base on the robust economic growth this year and having launch several Multibillion dollar project such as the Southen Corridor Economic Region(SJER), the Northen Corridor Economic Region(NCER) and the Eastern Corridor Economic Region(ECER) willl be be launch by year end. Apart from this, the local equity market(a.k.a stock market) as been hitting new high since the 1997 Asian Economic Crisis. Investors confidences are said to be at its peak now since the crisis which struck Asia a decade ago.

From the political view point, the Opossition party has been having trouble retaining its talent, with some of its top leader leaving the Opposition party(well it is not know if they leave to join the BN). It is also widely speculated that our Prime Minister, Pak Lah will be calling for an early election by this year because our Ex-deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has been barred from court to run for office until March 2008. So having an election will prevent him from campaiging for a parliment seat.

Anyway, for the man on the streers who invests in the local stock market or even property would welcome an early election, mainly because it will trigger an mini bullrun and spur higher economy growth should the currently government with another 5 years mandate (which has always been the case since Merdeka). However the % of winning will determine how policies will be shape for the next 5 years. On the negative side, there is always be some side effect. For some, an election spells disaster. Why is that so? Cause generally, after election, prices of goods and services will be hike up, thus essential items like Petrol, Toll, Electric, Water, will be hike up translating to higher cost and inflation to poor folks like me and you, and also contirbuting to the rising Consumer Price Index(CPI).

So my guestion is, do you think we should have an early election? and Why?

69% Hopeless

Gosh, after taking this test, it shows that I've misbehave 69% during my highschool day. Really miss those fun loving days. Here's how I end up with 69%:

[x] Gotten detention.
[ ] Gotten your phone taken away
[ ] Gotten suspended
[x] Chewed gum during class.
Total: 1

[x] Been late to a class(s)more then 10 times
[x] Didn't do homework over 5 times.
[ ] turned at least 3 projects in late.
[x] Missed school cause you felt like it
[x] Skipped class at least 3 times.
[ ] laughed/talk so hard/loud you got kicked out of class
Total so far: 5

[x] Got your mom/dad etc. to pick you up from school
[x] Text people during school
[x] Passed notes.
[x] Threw stuff across the room.
[x] Laughed at the teacher
Total so far: 10

[ ] Went on myspace, friendster, xanga, etc. on the computer at school, chat rooms..
[x] Took pictures during school hours.
[x] Called someone during school hours.
[x] Listened to an ipod/cd player/mp3 during school
Total so far: 13

[ ] Threw something at the teacher
[x] Went outside the classroom without permission.
[x] Broke the dress code.
[x] Failed a class test
[x] Ate food during class.
Total so far: 17

[ ] Gotten a call home
[ ] Couldn't go on a field trip cause you behaved badly
[x] Didn't take your stuff to school
[x] stuck your middle finger at a teacher
[x] cursed during class loud enough so the teacher could hear
Total so far: 20

[x] slept in class
[ ] threw paper at the teacher
[x] copied homework
[ ] felt hungry during class and left to eat
[ ] snored in class
[x] talked back to a teacher

3x your total = 23 x 3 = 69%

It's a lesson worth considering....

This article should be interesting and useful to all my friends and readers, especially those who are about to get married, or planning to get married someday, or already reach the age where marriage is a must.

This is specially dedicated to , Voon Chien Ping, Paul Ooi, Fong & Yoke Yin, Tim Wong Chun Chien & Juliet Chan Hwai See(haha.. I spell it correctly this time right?), Tee Wan Jean, Irene Ling Bee Yue, Chew Bee Ling, Eddie Teh, Cathrine Peh, Catherine Teh, Clarise Chang Shian Wai, Yeap Keng Soon, Tan Koh Peh, Chow Wah Hon, Amanda Ang Mei Lan, Edmund Lee, Francis Kho, Crystal Yeoh, James Wong.

Personally, I think this article is good and you guys should read it, though some of the information might have become irrelevant as time has pass. But its good knowledge and I'm sure you could use it one day when you have kids of your own or some who already have.


The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach
Five Gifts That Teach Kids About Money
by David Bach

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A few weeks ago, my wife, Michelle, and I were invited to our son Jack's pre-kindergarten class to teach an art project. Jack is three, and the thought of teaching an art project to a roomful of three-year-olds was both exciting and daunting. What would we teach? Would it be fun -- and could we actually come up with a project that would keep their attention?

The Plunk Factor
We arrived at Jack's classroom several days later -- armed with paint, glue, stickers, sparkles, and a white ceramic piggybank for each child. The kids were bubbling with excitement as we got started. We shared with them what a piggybank is used for as they worked diligently -- as only three-year-olds can -- at decorating their own personal pig. We continued with our money lesson. Coin by coin, we instructed, "This is a penny, a nickel, a dime, a quarter..." At three years of age, most of the kids understood that a paper dollar was the "most money," but some were happier with the "plunk factor" of the coins. Some of the kids didn't want to put the coins in the piggybank. Instead, they wanted to put them in their pocket. One little boy started to cry when the coins went into his piggybank and he couldn't get them out. (I suppose he won't be much of a saver!) We wrapped up our lesson by explaining the power of putting money in the piggybank now to save for a toy later.

A Gift Bonanza
Such a simple lesson, yet it made as much of an impact on the kids as Michelle and I had hoped. And it also got me thinking: During the holidays, what gifts can we give to the children we love that will teach them about money and get them on the right track at an early age? So here are my five favorite money-teaching gifts for children this holiday season (and, truth be told, these are appropriate anytime -- not just at the holidays):

1. Piggybanks (ages 3-11)
The piggybanks we bought for my son's class cost about a dollar each. They're plain white -- perfect for decorating and can be ordered online. Use them to teach your kids about the value of money -- what it's worth, why you save, and how to save -- and have some creative fun in the process. For something a little different, check out Moonjar's moneybox. Made up of three compartments, the moneybox inspires spending, saving and sharing. Another favorite is the Money Savvy Pig. This bank has four different chambers -- one each for spending, saving, donating, and investing. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. My last piggybank recommendation is one I actually bought for Jack for the holidays. It's called the LeapFrog Super Saver Teaching Bank. This bank tells you what each coin deposit is worth and then gives you a bank balance. I know Jack's going to love it.

2. Storybooks about money (ages 3-8)
Books make such wonderful gifts, and there are so many amazing titles to choose from. Browse your favorite bookstore or shop online. Some of my favorite money storybooks for young children include "If You Made a Million" by David M. Schwartz, "Alexander, Who Used to be Rich Last Sunday" by Judith Viorst, "A Dollar for Penny" by Julie Glass and "It's a Habit, Sammy Rabbit!" by Sam Renick. Read these aloud to your child -- or, if they're old enough, let them read them to you. Kids will enjoy the stories for what they are, and learn something in the process.

3. Monopoly (ages 8 and up)
This classic board game has sold over 200 million copies worldwide over the past 72 years. This was my favorite game growing up -- are you surprised? It can change your life when it comes to money, because you can actually learn lessons from playing it. The most obvious lesson it teaches is that you can't get rich renting. If you don't own property when you play Monopoly, you lose. Renting makes the player who owns the property rich and, ultimately, the player who doesn't own property poor. A lot like real life. Other real-life lessons that Monopoly players learn is that it's easier to get rich and win the game by buying less-expensive properties first, because you can build faster and then use the cash flow from these properties to buy the higher-end properties. There are countless editions of Monopoly available now, which makes it even more fun.

4. Beginning Personal Finance Organizer (ages 13-19)
If you've read any of my books, you already know how I feel about the importance of organization. The Cash Cache, as this product is called, is a great way for teens to organize their financial lives. This nifty organizer contains a 36-page handbook for beginners that covers the basics of personal finance. It also includes templates for setting goals and tracking progress; four pouches to organize cash for saving, spending, donating, and investing; handy pockets for financial documents; and even a small padlock for privacy. This is a great gift for any high school student.

5. Stock (all ages)
Last year, I wrote a column about how my Grandma Bach taught me my first lesson in investing when she helped me become a stockholder in my favorite childhood restaurant -- McDonalds.
Teach your child how to "own the place" by opening up a custodial investment account in his or her name. Let your child select companies they have an interest in -- like McDonalds, Nintendo, Disney, and so on -- and with your guidance they can invest in and become owners of these companies.

Teach them how to track their stock performance on a regular basis to watch their investment grow. Two online services that make setting up a custodial investment account easy and affordable are Sharebuilder and MyStockFund Kids. Both sites allow you to open an account online in minutes. Sharebuilder requires no minimum investment, while MyStockFund Kids requires only $10 to get started. Review the different types of plans they offer so you can pick a pricing plan that works for you. Another neat way to purchase stock as a gift is through The actual stock certificate from the company you choose comes beautifully framed and engraved for your little shareholder. When I was small, my parents gave me a share of Disney stock in a gold frame -- I still have it to this day!

Lessons for a Lifetime
Remember, it's not just the gifts that teach, it's the lessons behind them. Enjoy the holidays with the kids you love -- and here's wishing you all a prosperous new year!

The Automatic Millionaire is the registered trademark of David Bach and FinishRich Media, LLC. The columns, articles, message board posts and any other features provided on Yahoo! Finance are provided for personal finance and investment information and are not to be construed as investment advice. Under no circumstances does the information in this content represent a recommendation to buy, sell or hold any security. The views and opinions expressed in an article or column are the author’s own and not necessarily those of Yahoo! and there is no implied endorsement by Yahoo! of any advice or trading strategy.


What's the value of friendship?

Friends, they are the people who will standby us regardless of race, gender, believed, age, social status, and financial condition. At least that what I believed in. Throughout out my life, since i begun my childhood education till I completed University till I worked, my life has not always been a bed of roses. My life is like a roller coaster, fill with up and down. However I consider myself pretty lucky as I have always come across friends that I can count on at every stage of my life cycle.

I place great importance in friendship and I'm also the one who always initiate a gathering or a meet up, basically I because I view friendship as the most valuable things in life that money cant buy besides my family and health.

Though these days I've indulge most of my interest in career development and wealth creation, I will always have time to be spend with my friends. If you would like to know how I value you as my friends, maybe the illustration below would help.

-Mango Passion Fruit(Frappuccino Blended Drink) = RM13.13
-Curry Udon at Sushi Groove = RM15.90
-10 board lot of HELP International Corp. (14/09/2007) = RM1240
-1 board lot of Digi Telecommunication (14/09/2007) = RM1940
-My Asus Notebook W3(which i bought 2 years ago) = RM4500
-My Nissan (my favourite red mobile) = RM4600
-Value of friendship = PRICELESS

To all my friends out there who is reading this, regardless of gender, race, and faith, no matter how long we know each other, no matter how far we are apart now, I will always always always cherish all the moments we have together, simply because you are one of my most valuable assets in life. So no matter where you are, what you are doing or how long we have been apart, do keep in touch with me and keep my updated, or else i shall hunt you down personally. Wuahahaha....

So remember, keep in touch, either via MSN, SMS, SKYPE, House Phone, Mobile Phone, friendster, this blog or just hunt me down also lah......

To the following people on my wanted list, kindly take note that you are currently being hunted by Charlie, and he has a message for you: You can run but you cant hide.

RM100,000 up for grab !!!!

Have you ever thought of what you would do, should you be given RM100,000 ? Go for a holiday? buy a new car? shop and dine? Or you never thought you could have that amount of money anytime soon. Well if always thought its impossible, here's your chance to win RM100,000 with a period of 2 months. So whats the catch??? Curious??? Read on .....

Well if any of you guys has been reading The Edge Financial Daily which you can easily get yourself a copy from the local newsstand for RM1.50 per issue daily, you would have notice a full page advertisement with red and white template. Which is very similar to the AirAsia or even Genting 888 deal advertisement.

Called BURSA PURSUIT, this is the latest advertising and promotion project launch by Bursa Malaysia(The Malaysia Stock Exchange Inc) in its quest to create awareness and to educate the Malaysian youth between the age of 20 to 35. This is a online simulation which gives every eligible participant who sign up with a start up capital of RM250,000 virtual cash to be invested into the simulation which will mimic the local stock market movement in term of share prices, as well as both supply and demand for all listed securities(basically stock of companies lah). The contest which will be schedule to start of 1st Oct 2007 will run for a span of 2 months until 30th Nov 2007. After which participants will be judge according to their total wealth(or in some case loses) accumulated from the initial start up capital given.

There will be 3 categories, Individual(for beginner like you and me), Professional(Individual licensed by Bursa Malaysia) and League(where you and your friends could create a league with a minimum of 5 people). There will be 3 prizes for each category:

1st - RM 100,000
2nd - RM 30,000
3rd - RM 20,000

Besides that, there will also be 5 consolation prizes of RM2,000 each for the 5 best performing investors(participants).

So what are you waiting for, go sign up now at

Charlie Chia Rejuvenated

Well after having pull down my blog for almost 2 month, I've finally decided to start fresh with a new layout, design, content and last but not least, to give this domain a new life. The content of this new blog will cover a wide selection of topic ranging from reviews of books(Yes I do read.), music(Classical and any smooth tune which flows with my mood from the music from the 60's 70's 80's and 90's), movies, sitcoms & dramas(either on the local TV network, Cinemas, pirated DVDs or downloaded torrent), food & beverages(yes, because I am a Malaysian and eats 5 times a day) artwork(though I'm not really artistic), latest offer in town(discount and freebies), hint & tips. I will also be looking forward to share my experiences, my knowledge and of cause update you guys and gurls on what I've been doing with my life. Thanks for visiting. Will be looking forward for to hear from you, Kindly drop your comments.

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