50 minutes pain in the ass.

As usual, the journey to the airport was a boring one, a 50 minutes drive was a a pain in the ass, mainly because I have been to the driving to the airport too regulary in recent months because my friends, collegues, associates and family are all leaving the country either for work purposes, business or to pursui their education. But frankly, after so many trips, I somehow miss the final ramp leading to the KLIA exit of the NKVE. However, being a sentimental person like me, the 50 minutes suffering is unavoidable because i feel obligated to send my friends off. This time around my trip to the airport is to send a close friend, someone whom I consider my half brother, basically because we have been through thick and thin together. Driving along the NKVE leading to KLIA, I was fortunate that Vimalan a.k.a Alan went with me, atleast we did have some good chat and laugh which in a way killed some of our boredom or maybe just mine.

Anyway we reached at about 5.10pm, parked my car at block C and headed right a way to the departure hall where we meet up with Andrew, Wong Hon and Kevin. Suprisingly the main character, the guy whom we will be sending off to UK hasn't arrived at the airport yet. I guess we were more excited than he is. haha. anyway Marco Lam arrived soon after together with his sisters and mother, while his dad parked the car. Knowing him for such a long time and going through all sort of up and down, this is my first time meeting his family members. Even his aunties and grandma who still looks strong and healthly at 95. Like other old folks I knew, this old lady is very proud that her grandson will be going over to the UK to pursue his education. She also express her happiness that Marco has such good friends like us just because we came to send him off. But I'm glad we made the old lady happy.

Queuing at the check in counter was another problem. A good 30minutes was spend at the to stand stagnantly while queuing at the check in counter. We were lucky to have arrived early, so we were only 5 passenger away from the counter, but turning our head to our back, the queue was snake long. At situation like these one would wonder, how an international acclaimed Airport like KLIA which receive numerous award for being a world class airport could have such a degrading customer service. Our facilities and infrastructure maybe of world class standard, but the mentality of our fellow malaysian is still lagging far behind, thus explain how we could have an international airport right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur which provide such a lousy service. Yes i said LOUSY service. If you have tried to connect to the free wifi via your laptop or any electronic device, you would notice that the connection is pretty weak and slow.

Anyway the my trip there wasnt to judge how good KLIA is but to send my good friend off, so I never bother to make any noise or voice my complain which will make life hard for the officer on duty at the counter. Marco succesfully checked in at the Thai Airway counter by 6.15pm, the next 45 minute was spend talking with his families and us, where he took the opportunity to introduce us to his family members and we had some photo session. Before we knew it time was up, and it was time for him to leave us. Why must good time always fly so fast??? erggg... anyway, he say good bye to us and walk calmly toward the security check point. He never did look back, my guess is that tear are already flowing down his cheek. hahah never did see him cry since I knew him. Anywy here is one of the group picture we took together. All the other picture are in his camera.

Charlie, Andrew, Wong Hon, Marco, Kevin, Alan


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