Got a warning from Josh Lim. Who is he ?

Well, guess it wasnt a joke and they meant serious business.

If you have been visiting my blog recently, you would have notice there are afew advertisement banners place strategicly on page. I've sign up with afew advertisement agency, and their name are as follow, Advertlets, Nuffnang, Adbite and Google Adsense.

Advertlets is an online advertising agency which pays blogger or rather who every that own a blog and participate in their program. So do they just give out money like that ? Well certainly not, unless they are filty rich and a little phyco.

Anyway, Advertlets program is pretty simply, they give me the code and I just copy and past the code on my blogs admintrator panel. So how th payment works? Well the program actually pay me, when every people like you visit my blog and also when you click on any of the advertisements. Sound Interesting? Well to be honest, I was still new to this whole blogging stuff and thought since they pay much more when the adverts are being click, I manage to get a couple of my friends to help me out.

So What did my friends do? Well me and my friend when on a trial run, trying to rob the bank, in this case, Advertlets was the bank. And what we did was visit this page and try to click on the adverts as many times as possible, and the earning from the this site grew tremendously, for the past 2 days since we did this, we have been racking up RM29 and RM22.50 respectively. This is consider alot, cause since i re-launch my blog about 11days ago, including today, my daily earning from my advertlets range from RM0.70 to RM3.50 at the most. So you see the difference? We, like the saying goes, Sepandai pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga(in english, as good as a squirel can jump, it will eventually drop on the ground) . So i guess this advertlets program is really good and its protecting its advertisers right. One round of applause for those who founded it, run it and manage it. Malaysia boleh.
Oh and who actually founded, run and managed it? Well its a Malaysian of cause, and We should be proud of our fellow Malaysian. So who is this misterious person, lets the drum roll and light on and keep the camera rolling. Ladies and Gentleman, please give your hand to Mr Josh Lim, yes Josh Lim is his name. So who is this guy by the name of Josh Lim, well i suggest you visit to get a better picture. Anyway, this nice young chap was a friend of mine, did i say friend? yes i certainly did. So how close we are ? Well not really close those, but we meet during one of my organisations event,(AIESEC) back in 2006, thank to Jason for introducing. Josh was also one of the sponsors for my event called Indulgence, the first prom ever held in Genting. for more info on the prom, visit
Have not been in much contact with him since that event and I last meet him at his gym sometime in March 2007. Anyway, I will definatelly take that email of your seriously. Sorry and Thank for the warning Josh.

For those who are curious, let me tell you, you can save the trouble. Here is 2 snap shot which you might find interesting.

The picture above is a mail which I received, warning me of click fraud.

The picture above show that Josh Lim & his associates, visited my blog on 22nd September 2007 at 12.36am(local time)


shengcui said...

Abang, can forward me the email? can't see a thing.
No need to recommend me to eye-specialist.

Anonymous said...

he just another bullshiter ... if he is real and smart, his ad should be around ur blog

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