Being Wealthy isn't just a dream.

Wealth to many of us is merely a dream, something that is impossible to obtain. It's never easy to accumulate a substantial amount of wealth to be consider wealthy. If you have read of stories like those of Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, Tan Sri Robert Kuok, Lee Kah Shing, and other tycoon around, these great enterpreneurs did not inherit their wealth. They are fine example of rags to riches. Its through sheer hardship that they experienced in their early days which makes them what they are today. It's never easy to accumulate wealth sufficient enough to match Robert Kuok networth, or at least to lead a live of financial freedom.

Recent survey show that its not difficult to accumulate wealth but preserving it is one of the toughies act. The Chinese has always believe that wealth never last more than 3 generation. This is especially true in most Chinese family, were the first generation may have accumulated a total wealth of RM10million, divided it equally to 3 of its children. Thus each son/daughter will inherit RM3.333 million each. Assuming that each of the 3 sons/daughters have their own family and further divided the wealth inherited into 3 portion equally, thus each portion will have exactly RM1.111 million(Note that this is already the 3rd generation). If the same were to be repeated, the those in the fourth generation will inherit RM370,000 each portion. This means that the 4th generation will no longer be a millionaire when they inherit the wealth. The scenarios were made with the assumption that inflation is ZERO and each generation does not spend the wealth they inherit. Assuming that the money were to be kept at a license financial institution, either through conventional saving account or fix deposit, with a current FD rate of 3.7% per annum, while inflation is well above 3.8%, the amount of money inherit actually shrink by 0.1% per annum.
Thus the actually amount pass on to the fourth generation might be well below RM200k only. With the growing number of people joining the million dollar club and billion dollar club, the rich and famous are beginning to worry on how they could preserved their wealth and avoid shrinking of wealth for the future generation. Well unless you have a pot of gold which constantly generate wealth like Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong's casino which help generate wealth daily at a unimaginable rate, you should be cracking your head, thinking of how you could ensure that your future generation life a wealth life like you do.

Ok so its all boiled down to wealth preservation. For the rich, wealth preservation comes in many form. Money are usually put intro different investment basket to reduce risk. Properties, Bond, FD, Saving, Stocks, Mutual Fund(Unit Trust) are some of the optional investment vehicle which not only help preserved their wealth but grow it over time too. However please take note that in an investment there will be risk attached with it.The high the return the high the risk and vice versa. For the poor like you and me, we only live on our monthly wage which is bearly sufficient as the cost of living esclate faster than our wage increment. However with prudent wealth management and right mentality you one day join the elite community. I'm not taking about lottery, or gambling in the casino where you can turn into an overnight millionaire but how to make your money work harder than you, and work for you even when you are sleeping or having a game of golf with an old pal.

Kindly take note that I'm not in anyway promoting or associated with any person, product, investment tools used to illustrated my point in the article above. Please make your wise decision with your own intellectual mind and decide whats best for yourself.
Want to be a millionaire? Why not aim higher and be a multi-millionaire instead? Well stay tune as I am gonna unleash a series of write up not only for your reading pleasure but to be practice as well.


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