What's the value of friendship?

Friends, they are the people who will standby us regardless of race, gender, believed, age, social status, and financial condition. At least that what I believed in. Throughout out my life, since i begun my childhood education till I completed University till I worked, my life has not always been a bed of roses. My life is like a roller coaster, fill with up and down. However I consider myself pretty lucky as I have always come across friends that I can count on at every stage of my life cycle.

I place great importance in friendship and I'm also the one who always initiate a gathering or a meet up, basically I because I view friendship as the most valuable things in life that money cant buy besides my family and health.

Though these days I've indulge most of my interest in career development and wealth creation, I will always have time to be spend with my friends. If you would like to know how I value you as my friends, maybe the illustration below would help.

-Mango Passion Fruit(Frappuccino Blended Drink) = RM13.13
-Curry Udon at Sushi Groove = RM15.90
-10 board lot of HELP International Corp. (14/09/2007) = RM1240
-1 board lot of Digi Telecommunication (14/09/2007) = RM1940
-My Asus Notebook W3(which i bought 2 years ago) = RM4500
-My Nissan (my favourite red mobile) = RM4600
-Value of friendship = PRICELESS

To all my friends out there who is reading this, regardless of gender, race, and faith, no matter how long we know each other, no matter how far we are apart now, I will always always always cherish all the moments we have together, simply because you are one of my most valuable assets in life. So no matter where you are, what you are doing or how long we have been apart, do keep in touch with me and keep my updated, or else i shall hunt you down personally. Wuahahaha....

So remember, keep in touch, either via MSN, SMS, SKYPE, House Phone, Mobile Phone, friendster, this blog or just hunt me down also lah......

To the following people on my wanted list, kindly take note that you are currently being hunted by Charlie, and he has a message for you: You can run but you cant hide.


shengcui said...

wah, so touched that u loved me so much....muacks

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