Election is Coming, What's do you have to say?

Mari kita mengundi and melaksanakan tanggungjawab kita sebagai rakyat malaysia. (Lets vote andexcercise our duty as citisen of Malaysia.)

Yes, it has been the talk of the town for months and been widely speculated by the public that the election will be call this year. Why are there such speculation in the first place? Well for a young chap like me, I may not have a complete understanding on the whole election system, the process as well as the pros and cons.

Anyway, from my analysis, the widely speculated election was base on the robust economic growth this year and having launch several Multibillion dollar project such as the Southen Corridor Economic Region(SJER), the Northen Corridor Economic Region(NCER) and the Eastern Corridor Economic Region(ECER) willl be be launch by year end. Apart from this, the local equity market(a.k.a stock market) as been hitting new high since the 1997 Asian Economic Crisis. Investors confidences are said to be at its peak now since the crisis which struck Asia a decade ago.

From the political view point, the Opossition party has been having trouble retaining its talent, with some of its top leader leaving the Opposition party(well it is not know if they leave to join the BN). It is also widely speculated that our Prime Minister, Pak Lah will be calling for an early election by this year because our Ex-deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has been barred from court to run for office until March 2008. So having an election will prevent him from campaiging for a parliment seat.

Anyway, for the man on the streers who invests in the local stock market or even property would welcome an early election, mainly because it will trigger an mini bullrun and spur higher economy growth should the currently government with another 5 years mandate (which has always been the case since Merdeka). However the % of winning will determine how policies will be shape for the next 5 years. On the negative side, there is always be some side effect. For some, an election spells disaster. Why is that so? Cause generally, after election, prices of goods and services will be hike up, thus essential items like Petrol, Toll, Electric, Water, will be hike up translating to higher cost and inflation to poor folks like me and you, and also contirbuting to the rising Consumer Price Index(CPI).

So my guestion is, do you think we should have an early election? and Why?


Anonymous said...

Good question here, i guess its an chicken and egg question.

Sally said...

early election..share shoot up?

shengcui said...

Definitely. ppl been saying he dun want anwar to kakacaucau.

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