How do you measure Success?

Unlike distant, length, height, Success is does not come with a standard measurement system. There isn't any universally known measurement unit which can tell how successful a person, project or company is doing.

I can confidently say that it is everyone dream to be successfully in life. From the time when we learn how to walk till the day we retire, success is bound to be in every corner of our lifes. But how do we actually measure success?

So I decided to conduct a small little survey with several close friends of mine.

Here is the question thrown to at my respondents, In your own opinion, How do you measure success?

First respondent(my ex-sifu)
- F à c é B ö ö k ë d [ O n M C ] says (02:36 AM):
measure by the goals u set lah
- F à c é B ö ö k ë d [ O n M C ] says (02:36 AM):
like this yr
- F à c é B ö ö k ë d [ O n M C ] says (02:36 AM):
wat u set the goals
- F à c é B ö ö k ë d [ O n M C ] says (02:36 AM):
then compare how much u achieve
- F à c é B ö ö k ë d [ O n M C ] says (02:36 AM):
then u need benchmarking also
- F à c é B ö ö k ë d [ O n M C ] says (02:36 AM):
like who is ur idol
- F à c é B ö ö k ë d [ O n M C ] says (02:36 AM):
u compare ur success with his
- F à c é B ö ö k ë d [ O n M C ] says (02:36 AM):
then u knw where u stand

My second respondent:
*sara. says (02:41 AM):
happiness and completion of goals

Third respondent:

BoNG says (02:50 AM):
it's a journey, not destination. Measure by daily, hourly or evan every minute of what are are doing.
BoNG says (02:50 AM):
i believe successful ppl plan their goals at least daily.

Fourth respondent:
Rchel says (03:00 AM):
success is when u have achieved what u want in life and is happy with what u have and are

So how do you measure success? do share your opinion by dropping your comments. Thanks.


mac said...


success can be meant anything to different people.

for me, every human is leader, so success starts with visioning. after visioning, continuity planning towards it is another important step for success. achieving the vision is not the most important to me because maintaining the vision after it achieved is the ultimate success.

the most successful achievement of humankind is maintaining the civilization of humankind since it was started thousand years.

Hence, success can be measured by how long your vision last. 1 generation or 2 generations? 1000 years or 2000 years or more?

shengcui said...

Aduhi...ur picture ah...destroy my idols' image la...

bacterium said...

success to me, means excess.

if there's no excess in something, definitely we are not that successful in making that thing, or doing that thing, or whatever it has to do with that thing.

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