Money do grow on trees, and you can enjoy it too.

Today is a great day, a fantastic day indeed. Why so, cause money are growing on trees at a significantly high rate. To many who knows me, I've been investing in the equity market (layman term = stock market) for the past 3 years and have been making tremendous return of approximately 20% to over 300% in my various investment.

So how do trees grow money?
Well they don't literally grow on trees out of no where.

So how did I do it?

Well seeds are like our money, if you put it in box it doest grow into trees, like wise if we put out hard earn money into the bank either on a saving account or fix deposit, our money will not really grow.

Why so?
Cause bank in Malaysia are offering a miserable low rate of 1% per annum(year) on a saving account and 3.7% in a 12 month Fix Deposit. Assuming that you put RM10k into the account for the past 12 month, you will only be getting a return of RM370. To me that very little cause the inflation rate is about 3.9%.

So what are the alternatives?
Well there are many alternatives available, such as real estate, forex(currency), stocks, bonds, etc etc. Some may also consider starting a business which requires lots of capital. I prefer the stock markets over the many other option available because its one of the most highly liquid investment around.(For those non-accounting/business background, high liquidity in this sense mean it is highly easy to turn the investment into cash because the stock market is open 5 days a week and only close on public holidays)

There are many who say property are the best investment available that yield significant return over time. A double story house at Bandar Utama first phase cost only RM300k per unit about 10 years back is now worth a whooping RM700k plus. Yes its true that property is indeed a good investment over a long run, however it is ill liquid especially during times when the economies are bad. A property may be worth RM700k today but until its is sold for cash, the value is merely paper profit. Frankly speaking its not easy to get a buyer when you need to sell the property urgently for cash.

Another problem is the entry cost to invest in property are very high thus one needs to sufficient financial capability before embarking on such costly investment. Meanwhile with as little as RM500 ringgit(I personally recommend RM1000 to start with), one could begin investing in the stock market and make consistent return of 10% per annum.

Anyway it was great day because many of my investment shows better than expected return. Outperforming many analysis forecast, and most importantly many recommendation that i made to my friends yield significant return in just 3 to 4 months. To those that buy, I bet you are very happy now as you have yield at least 30% to 100% return during this period based on my recommendation. One of the most significant stock would be HELP International Corporation Bhd, a second board stock, was sold in the primary market during the IPO(Initial Public Offering) at the price of RM0.80 for each stock with a par value of RM0.50. Though I failed to purchase it during the initial public offering. I place a bold bid of RM1 during its first trading day and manage to secure some shares at RM0.88 per unit(few student of HELP and also my student manage to buy at this price to) on 22nd May 2007. Based on my research and some reliable news, I hold on to the share when it hit RM1 on the first day and eventually fluctuate to a bottom of RM0.78. Today my research, believe and patience have rewarded me, HELP International Corporation Bhd Close at RM1.76 today(Monday, 1 Oct 2007) . That's a 100% return in less than 5 months. My friends like Wong Hon, ShengCui, Jasmine Sim, Sally and En Kiat(remiser at CIMB), must be happy and laughing to the bank now. To Justin, Paul and the rest that didn't take my advise seriously are regretting now with many asking what other stock will give significant return such as HELP. I will attached a copy of my own fundamental report soon on HELP.

Well if you would like to know, be sure to log in my blog regularly. Its not hard to make money of the KL Stock Market but its easy to lose you money too. However with the right knowledge and self discipline couple with good timing, you are bound to make consistent return.
The market its riding on a bull now, if you miss this. The next bull is gonna be atleast 10 year from now. So how many 10 years you have in a life time to make the difference?

Either you want to be a slave to money and make money your slave? Its up to you.

So are you ready invest? and make money grow on trees for you too? Feel free to voice your opinion and question. I will be more than happy to assist you should you be interested in starting to invest yourself.


Anonymous said...

most of the market reach new height!
everyone faster run away from the market!

wonghon said...

ei bro..u have forgotten something..our friend Shengcui sold HELP's share already..he and bb must be banging the wall now..hahahha

shengcui said...

wonghon, u want to die ah?

wonghon said...

obviously i don't want to die!!!do you remember what dr yap said..die before 65years old means die young..i don't want die young..if not she will laught at me..hahaha..i still have plenty of things need to do n share with my bro, want to die young???i guess u don't want cause your dream is to become like your idol, Datuk

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