Do you need HELP??

Yeah as the title reads, do you need HELP? I''m actually being sick my that question for the past 2 years. Why? Its simply because I was studying in a Private University called HELP University College(HELP stands for Higher Education Learning Program). So here's how most conversation will sound like:

Friend: So where are you studying now ?
Me: oh HELP!
Friend: erm HELP Institute ? Why HELP, you need HELP ah?
Me: Excuse me, its now upgraded to HELP University College, no longer an Institute And yes I do need help in getting myself a decent education at an affordable price(a UK degree with honour for less than RM26k) so that it doesn't burden my parents. HELP offered me the solution so yes they HELPed me.

Today I was at HELP's campus, the weather wasn't bad initially although it was cloudy. So why was I there on a Sunday at 6pm? Obviously I went there for a reason, for a good cause I would say. Cause HELP organises a Latern Festival, a charity event to help raise fund for a student by the name Chia Leng Yau. Ms Chia Leng Yau was said to be diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia in March 2007 and she desperately needs RM200,000 for a bone marrow transplant. On top of that, she is also currently receiving treatment which cost RM8000 monthly excluding hospital fees. She is actually a student of Sepang Institute of Technology(SIT), a private education center which didn't really did well(i shall not go into the details).

Anyway, Dr Paul Chan see this as an opportunity and offered to take over the illing private institute. The took over process which cost only RM2million was completed last month. Did I say only RM2million. Yes I did, cause its pretty cheap, cause they have already got all the infrastructure, staffs, student based as well as some courses which HELP does not offer at the moment. The took over also save HELP time and money in setting up a new branch which often require at least 12 to 24 month turnover period. For your information, SIT is now known as HELP International College of Technology(HELP ICT).

So with some short story based on my reading and analysis, the name HELP really fits in the HELP's University College profile. Because if recent move to take over SIT, had somehow rescue SIT from bankruptcy, and save the existing staff their job and most importantly the innocent students enrol in SIT their education. Dr Paul Chan & Mrs Chan also took another extra step in highlighting Ms Chia Leng Yau medical condition to all of HELP's staffs, students as well as the media.

So try thinking what if HELP did not make the offer to take over SIT? First of all, HELP would have had extra RM2million in hand. Second, staffs at SIT might risk losing their job, and students like i said earlier would risk losing not only their education and both their time and money as well. And lastly Ms Chia Leng Yau might not even be known. So HELP actually HELP save the day.

Okok, back to the Lantern Festival, it was a lively event, with huge crowd, I estimate the crowd to be around 500 to 800 people. DIGI Telecommunication and Hitz.FM were both the major sponsors for the event and lanterns as well as the Malaysia 50th Anniversary Flags were given out to people who attend. Various stores selling DIGI Products, pop corns, moon cake for just RM1(cant believe it right) and many others were setup to complement the event. Oh ya, and did I mention that the event is open to members of the public and free of charged. The event begun with Dr Paul Chan the president of HELP University College given his speech, followed by YB Dato' Donald Lim (Deputy Minister of Tourism). I noticed the emcees did a terrible mistake by announcing Dato's Donald Lim as the Deputy Prime Minister which was promptly corrected soon after.

Noticeably DIGI's Army and its iconic Yellow Man were a major crowd puller as there appear in every corner shouting FUYOH!!! spontaneously. There also throw freebies out to the crowd from time to time. Unfortunately I did not get any of those freebies. I must say that the event would have been great if it wasn't for the rain, which begun to get heavier and the event was eventually called off before 9pm. Anyway I had fun meeting up with Maanoj, on old friend of mine who was with the DIGI Army team. I was then introduced to his team, which comprises of the yellow man as well as dozen of hot girls and guys. Apparently all of them are students either in private or public university.

Well remember my project super hero that I mention earlier, I decided to kick start it by helping Ms Chia Leng Yau. I've been asking around since Saturday and managed to raise about RM400 in just 2 days via my personal contacts. Would be looking forward to raise more funds for Leng Yau. One would be asking me why am I so generous in helping Leng Yau? Is she related to me? Well she may share the same surname with me, but I am certain we do not have any blood relation. The reason I wanted to help her is simple, my cousin brother who was also a HELP student about 8 years ago, was also diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately he lose the batter which he fought bravely. Many HELP's staff and student at that time turn up to visit him in my house and many turn up to pay their last respect. That touchest the deepest point of our heart as family members to see so many of people from HELP turning up. Let me take this opportunity to pay tribute to my beloved cousin Mr Lee Chun Keong who faught a very tough war bravely.

To Ms Chia Leng Yau, my personal message to you is, stay strong and don't give up, cause You'll never walk alone.

So dear friends, I'm would like to ask a little favour from you guys. Please help generously cause this girl is only 22yo and has a long way to go in life. Its high time for us to allow the HERO in us to take charged and help this girl. Like I said early, I have raised RM400 over the past 2 days and would be looking forward to do more. If any of you are interested to be Leng Yau's HERO, kindly contact me or you may forward the donation to HELP University College.

If you are a member of the press, please highlight the above mention case in your respestive medium of communication.


shengcui said...

HELP is Hot to GO!! Hot to GO!!!

t.a said...

I personally think there is a certain limit to donations by means of personal expence by each students/teachers.
obviousely, we cannot keep donating, and the rate at which we collect money is significantly slower than money spent for treatment.

So, do you think there's any other way, something with more widespread, commersial or out-of-HELP to raise money?
probably something like, we run an advertisement for a company for a day/week or so, and we get paid for it, in which the payment will be donated?

Chia Leng Yau said...

To Charlie,

Good day!
I'm Chia Leng Yau, the patient who been received lots and lots of help and support from HELP and publics.

Hereby, I would like to express my heartfully thanks to u guys for ur generous, in the way of both mentally and physically support and concern into my case.

Currently i'm fine and still in hospital for maintanance chemotherapy treatment while searching for suitable marrow. With all ur support, i strongly believe that i could go through it.

Best regard and thanks,
Chia Leng Yau

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