Project Super Hero

Dear Friends, colleagues, fans and corporate associates.

Have you helped someone lately, help save a life perhaps? Feel like helping but don't have the money? well now you can do your part with project SUPER HERO. A new project conceptualised personally by me. Because I have too much time, so I thought why not I come up with a project, a project which can touch people and change their life. If you want to contribute towards this project because you want to have good karma or helping people is your passion and you feel great after helping people, Project Super Hero will offer you a chance to be a HERO in your very own style. I'm now negotiating with some corporate associates to finalise the project and shall be launching this project by the end of the month(latest).

So make sure you bookmark this site and check regularly if you want to be a HERO and change people's life. Do share this project with your friends and help make the world a better place with super hero everywhere.

Charlie Chia,
Project Manager,
Project Super Hero


shengcui said...

Wah, I'm so interested. Pls update me! Pls! Pls!

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