Charlie says 谢谢您

The three Chinese character simply means Thank You. I would like to thank everyone for the all the condolence messages, either through sms, email or facebook. I'm really touch by the overwhelming kind gesture from all of you. I'm back for good and will be updating with some interesting post over the next few days.

Once again Thank you....

Grieving Yet again

I actually planned to update my blog with some interesting post which I've been delaying for at least 2 week. I was just procrastinating. Was suppose to go for a gathering with some Uni friends and then update my blog later tonight. But I was not able to attend the gathering and I have to delay my blog update because my beloved grandpa had just past away just a few hours back.

This is indeed a very painful moment for me, to lose my grandpa, the man that contributed to my success today. I'm just lost now, shall take a break why I help sort out things and also prepare for the wake which will schedule on Tuesday(21st April 2009) morning. More details on the wake will be available on major newspaper tomorrow.
Signing off now. Take Care People.

What's next after 60 minutes ?

Just slightly more than 1 week ago, the whole world stand united to usher Earth Hour, an event which took off in Sydney back in 2007. Its an event supported by WWF which simply stands for World Wildlife Federation(not World Wrestling Federation). The objective of the event is to create awareness among the public on Climate Change. Schedule on the last Saturday of March, this year Earth Hour falls on 28th March 2009 which happens to be a Saturday. During Earth Hour, everyone is encourage to turn of their lights sharp at 8.30pm for 60 minute(that's how the 60 logo come about).

Prior to the event, there seems to be lots of hype about Earth Hour with major landmarks and conglomerates around the globe declaring their support towards Earth Hour. However all the hype seems to fade away the minute it ended.

I understand that the rational of having Earth Hour is to create awareness, but whats to use of celebrating Earth Hour for only one hour a year and then go back to our usual lifestyle. If we want to be serious about climate change, the world will need to do more than just turning off the light for one hour, because it really doesn't make any difference. There should be an international effort to make earth hour a monthly, weekly or daily affair in order to see the effect. We should also have earth day where everyone do not drive and the public transport freeze for a day. To create a greater impact, the rich & famous should take the lead in doing so.

Honestly I did not participated in Earth Hour because I was travelling back to a small town called Taiping with my parent to visit my grandpa at the Hospital. You cant expect me to turn of the headlights while on the highway right? If the headlight were turn off, yes we might be able to create some impact of 0.0000000001% but have a risk of 99.99% of getting into an accident while driving in the dark.

My message to those involved and who have joined in the earth hour event, please don't just join the crowd because you want publicity or to be happening. If you are serious about help to reduce the effect of climate change, consider making Earth Hour a daily affair. I'm pretty sure that if everyone consider doing this just like what they did on the 28th March 2009, it will surely help save the environment. The only one that would be cursing will be the Energy Company because they will lost millions of dollar in revenue. On the other hand, consumers will get to save some money, this will be very good, particularly during the current economic slowdown. If you are serious about saving the environment and some money during this hard times, you should consider making it a daily affair.

Charlie's back.

Dear All,

After having been through a series of dramatic event for the past one month. The past one month has been hell and I'm glad that I've finally managed to pull myself together. Guess I'll be able to blog much often from now on and keep you guys updated. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my readers who have been visiting my blog regularly for the whole month even though I didnt really update my blog. Your support has kept my blog traffic pretty consistent over the past few weeks and I really appreciate it.

Thank You, Arigato, Terima Kasih,

Charlie Chia
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