Grieving Yet again

I actually planned to update my blog with some interesting post which I've been delaying for at least 2 week. I was just procrastinating. Was suppose to go for a gathering with some Uni friends and then update my blog later tonight. But I was not able to attend the gathering and I have to delay my blog update because my beloved grandpa had just past away just a few hours back.

This is indeed a very painful moment for me, to lose my grandpa, the man that contributed to my success today. I'm just lost now, shall take a break why I help sort out things and also prepare for the wake which will schedule on Tuesday(21st April 2009) morning. More details on the wake will be available on major newspaper tomorrow.
Signing off now. Take Care People.


Christine said...

Hi Charlie,

Dont be too upset.. Stay strong!!! I know how you feel.. I felt the same thing last year when 2 of my beloved grandparents passed away in only 3 months gap... :(

Charlie said...

Thanks Chrisitne. apreciate it

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