A meeting with Dato Tony Fernandes

I simply just love my career at DiGi because it gives me the opportunity to close deals and meet Corporate Leaders. Just last week, I had the opportunity to meet Dato Tony Fernandes, the founder and CEO of AirAsia(Asia's biggest and fastest growing low cost carrier).
Tony & I
We took this photo while taking the lift up to office. He was a very cheerful guy that never fail to put on a smile where ever he goes. I find him very friendly when I first meet him last Friday. Just moments after meeting him, I immediately took out my camera phone and asked: Hey tony, can we take a photo together? He reply with a smile and say: Sure, lets get a picture.

Now I know why he is sometimes referred to as a Corporate Celebrity. =)

Exclusive Sale: Get an invite Now

Short Talk: This is not a paid advertorial by TopShop, TopMan, Diva, Pumpkin Patch, Reiss, Principles, Miss Selfidge, Dorothy Perkins, Karen Millen, Warehouse and Maxstudio.Com or its owner. Just wanna share this opportunity with 4 of my friends. Cheers =P
Do love shopping? Do you adore fashion label such as TopShop, TopMan, Diva, Pumpkin Patch, Reiss, Principles, Miss Selfidge, Dorothy Perkins, Karen Millen, Warehouse and Maxstudio.Com?

Well I've been given a exclusive invitation by my client who own and manages all these brand in Malaysia. This is an exclusive sale where you cannot find at the retail outlet. I'm and will be bringing 4 person along with me. So if you love this brands and would not wanna miss out this exclusive sale, write email me asap.

The Sale will be held on 1st of April 2008. The location and time will be email to you if you are chosen.

I'm planning to bring RM200 to get whatever bargain I can get during the sale. If you are not free on that day, I can always help you to get some good bargain, but be sure to pay in advance. LOL

Get OneCard and RM5 Parking Credit @ 1Utama for FREE

Short Talk: This is not a paid advertorial by 1Utama or DiGi. Everything I blog in this entry is solely my opinion and recommendation for the benefits of my loyal readers. Cheers =)

Do you live near 1Utama? Is 1Utama your second home? Well if you are a regular visitor to 1Utama Shopping Center, then this is a promotion you wouldn't want to miss. Here's your chance to get Free OneCard(1Utama Loyalty Card) and RM5 preloaded Parking Credit. In case you did not read properly, its FREE.

So what do you have to do? All you need is be a DIGI user, and Dial ##1111. You will received a sms shortly and proceed to the information counter located at the ground floor of 1Utama New Wing, and flash the sms. You will be given a registration from and a survey form to be filled up.

So What are you waiting for? If you are not a DiGi user, I recommend that you get one of the prepaid pack which cost only RM8.50 with RM5 preloaded Credit. You have nothing to lose, cause you will be getting RM5 preloaded airtime and RM5 preloaded parking credit, and also OneCard worth RM10 for free. In simple maths, you are only paying RM8.50 to get something that's worth RM20. That's more than 100% return on your investment.

Took this photo while I was at 1Utama with Emily earlier this week, she completed the registration form but later decided not to proceed with the registration when we were told that she need her IC for verification purpose. The poor girl didn't carry her IC along, so that explain why she didn't proceed.

So if any of you plan to redeem the OneCard, be sure you bring along your IC. For more info on OneCard, click here

The miniest Blogger's gathering

Short Talk: This is just a short update of what i've been up to. Cheers =)
Meet up with Kate, Nick, Emily, Yoei, Charmayne and her friend(cant remember her name though, sorree!!). It was sort of a mini gahtering where we chill out at Laundry @ The Curve. Yoei leave us after the second session at William @ Taman SEA Megah. We had our first session at Taipan, Subang Jaya.

So its just the 6 of us, chilling out at Laundry. Feels kind of weird cause the we barely know each other, meet kate and emily during the Pajama Party, Nick during movie few days ago and Charmyne for the first time. And not the mention the music was kinda loud. My fault for getting such a nice table near the speaker. Though it feels kinda weird, we manage to play some age guessing game and we have like people from the range of 15 to 28 at the gathering. haha, go ahead and guess how old each any everyone is?

Emily cam-raping herself!!!

Took this while we were stuck in a jam, traffic was bad.

Dont really have photo cause the lighting sucks and my camera phone is outdated. Anyone wann donate a SLR to Me? I dont mind second hand, as long as its working.

What does a blogger actually do?

During an outing to 1U with Emily. We hang out, chilling at Robert Harris Cafe, opposite of Topman. We then decided to go for a movie, and Nick join us. We watch Horton, a hilarious whacky cartoon. Then We proceed to Secret Recipe @ 1Uama New Wing. These is the blogger in us gets working:

Brownies with Walnut. It taste good with warm chocolate sauce

Emily posing with a heart made of straw

Dam!! We ordered a pot of Jasmine Tea and 3 cups for Nick, Emily and Me. And the waiter bring us 2 set of these. Dam it was RM6 per pot, so we assume that its a big pot meant to be shared. We even double confirm with the waiter when he took our order. But with end up with 3 small pot costing us a whopping RM18 for Jasmine Tea.

Always working, even during dinner. These is what a typical blogger usually do.

Emily's Vegetarian Soba, Its pretty big for a petite girl like her.
After 15 minutes, She barely finish half of it.
We made an agreement the kids way. Forgot what the agreement was though. After 30 minutes, She manage to finish the entire bowl. I'm so surprise.

DiGi's Designer's Collection

If you are an observant person, you would have notice a brightly coloured mysterious box which has instruction that goes like this: "Look inside here". The sign will be pointing to a small hole at the box. If you take a closer look, you will see cute little yellow man inside these boxes. This is one of DiGi's marketing plan to create curiosity among the mass.

Soon you will be able to purchase those cute DiGi Yellow Coverage Fellow (YCF) a.k.a Yellow Man. These cute collectibles will be made available in shopping center near you. So be sure you are on the look out for it. But till its official launch, do go to a shopping center near you and check this mysterious box. It looks like this:

This box is located at 1Utama Ground Floor(new wing, infront of the information counter.)

Malaysia's Iron Lady Shocked!!!

After being at the helm of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry(MITI) for decades, Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz(better known as the iron lady for her tough character) was finally drop from the Cabinet when Prime Minister(PM) Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi announce the new cabinet yesterday. Speaking to reporters today during a press conference, She says that she was shock and that if the PM did not have the intention to retain her in the cabinet, the PM should have told her not to contest in the recent general election.

She has been link to issues such as favouritism in issuing of Approve Permit(AP) that allows bumiputra's to import cars. It was reported by the media 2 years back that bulk of the AP issued by the government goes to Naza Group, thus contributing to the tremendous wealth enjoyed by Tan Sri S.M. Nasimuddin. She is said to have close relationship with Naza Group's Boss.

She is also believed to have played a part in the Prime Minister's decision to call off the partnership between the ailing Proton and Volkswagen. This was because a successful partnership will dampen Naza Groups market share and profit margin. These few issues highlighted are inter-connected and thus the desperate Prime Minister has no choice but to drop her from the cabinet in a bid to regain the rakyat's confidence.

Read more on Malaysian Politics at

Random Photos taken during Nuffnang Pajama Party

These guys are really lucky to have the maid and nurse sitting on them while doing push up. Guess that helps to motivate them.
Plenty of junkfood being give away in goodie bags like these. Chipster is the main sponsor mah.
Nuffnang Fantastic Four and Liang the Emcee up on stage.
More Junkfood.
We occupied both the ground floor as well as the first floor.

Random photo of people looking towards the stage
Did this guy stole this slipper from his girlfriend?
Valarie giving a sho
KidChan showing off his stuff
This guy can really pose. I think he is a much better model than MalaysianDreamGirls

All the 12 girls from MalaysianDreamGirls and KennySia posing for the photographers.
Nuffnang 1st Anniversary Birthday Cake from MindShareThe cake again. Did we all forgot to sing Happy Birthday during the night?
Su Ann given surprise by Timothy and Ming.
Su Ann was asked to give a short speech. LOL
The Sponsor''s representative showing off the MacBook which will be given away shortly.
And here goes the MacBook. To the guy that took a picture with the most chipster pack in it.
The Nuffnang Team has a surprise for Timothy and Ming.They had to wear their underwear on stage in of a live audiance.
Valarie again, with her Chipster pillow case made by her mum. This time to redeem her Apple I-Touch

Nuffnang's Team live in a dfferent time Zone

I'm not sure if any of you out there experience the same problem, but for me, Nuffnang's Team live in a differnt time zone, 2 days behind Malaysian Time. Take a look at the screen shot I took and you will get what I mean.

I received an email this morning(18th March) at 10.52am(refer the the top right of the photo). In the email, it says that an advertiser has chosen to advertise on my blog and the campaign will run for 1 week from 16th to 22nd March. The email is 2 days behind time. I normaly received email like this one atleast 1 days before the campaign starts.

Well its not like getting the email earlier would make any different for me, but hey Nuffnang on of Asia's fastest growing Blog Advertising Community. Thus I expect Nuffnang to have an international standard. So Timothy and team, please look into and resolve this minor bug asap. Cheers

Ermm, Timothy and Team, get it fix asap.

The Most Happening Bloggers Gathering of the Year

I must say that Nuffnang Pajama Party was one of the best party so far, simple because I've got to meet many new friends. Well to be exact, I actually know some of them online over the last few month since I revived my blog, but have meet them before, not until Nuffnang Pajama Party. Here are the people I meet and took photos with. Some existing friends, as well as some new friends.

Esther and I(Thanks for bringing me along)
Kate, Sherlyn and I
I actually know Sherlyn for 2 year when she was studying at TBS, was surprise that she still remember me, actually she was the one that shouted out my name while I was mingling around. Nice to meet you again.

Amy & I

She looks like my senior back in high school, so I approached her to confirm. She was friendly and told me that she is from Sarawak and studied at KDU in KL.

Zoe & I

This silly girl told, My name is Zoe but you can call me Emily. So what should I call lah? Zoe or Emily.

Kate, Zoe, Me and Genie (She doesn't blog, but her sister does.)

Samantha & I

When I told her my name is Charlie. She show me a blur face and asked, Charlie Who? Then I said Charlie Chia which she immediately recall. Dunno if she was pretending to remember who I am. Anyway shall not elaborate further on how she actually know me. If you are really curious, read up my previous post.

Liang and I

I first meet Liang during HELP University College's 20th Anniversary at Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur Last year. Liang was a student from HELP University College (known as HELP Institute during his days). He studied Economic with University of London program and graduated in 2004. He is basically my senior.

Su Ann a.k.a PinkPau & I

She didn't know who I was until I told my name is Charlie Chia. Immediately she recall and reply: The guy that's ask for free hotel stay with the Singaporean Blogger. haha, shit now she thinks i am so materialistic.

Timothy Tiah(Nuffnang's Co-Founder) & I

This guy can be quite blur at times. Just a day ago, I meet him at UKM during AIESEC EYLN 2008. I walk up to him and say Hi Tim, How are you ? He stood up, extend his hand for a hand shake and reply: Hi, Have we meet before? I go like ermmm, I'm Charlie Chia. He quickly reply Oh oh oh, How are you ? As he was busy, we kept our conversation short.

Kenny Sia & I

Me, Xia Xue and Mike

Dawn Yang and I

Read more about KennySia, Xia Xue and Dawn Yang at Nuffnang Pajama Party - Its a 3 in 1 Event

Nuffnang Pajama Party - The Bachelor Party

Esther, Kate and I arrived at the event at about 7pm (1 hour behind time, a Malaysian style). When I first arrive at Borneo Baruk Club, I thought I was at the wrong place, cause I saw 3 hot young ladies dress in naughty costume, a french maid, a nurse and a police women. I 'was thinking to myself, this cant be the right place, cause I'm suppose to be a pajama party and not a bachelor sex party. Anyway Esther who was once working with Nuffnang confirm that its the right place when she spotted some familiar faces. In a split of a second, Esther was missing, leaving Kate and I alone and lost.

And so I began to register myself and then started snapping pictures with those sexy girls which I later learn that they are known as Nuffies.

Notti French Maid, Hot Police Women, Me and Sexy Nurse
L To R: Ginny Yap, Emily Chai, Me and Natalie Fong.

The Nuffies striking another pose with Me

Ginny the french maid & I(Isn't she cute?)

I spotted yet another Nuffie as I was about to enter the Club. Its a young girl dress as a Japanese Student

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