PRIVATE Party - Nuffnang 1st Birthday

All good things must come to an end. The Nuffnang Pajama Party which I was eagerly waiting for weeks is finally over last night, and the event was a blast. Great food, good music, fantastic Emcee, lots of freebies, bloody interesting game, lots of Chun Chicks and tons of celebrity blogger. Its the first time I step into Borneo Baruk Club, and I must say I am impress with their toilet design. For you guys who have not been there, here's some picture.

Very simple yet elegant design.

Even the door lock used traditional wooden design.

Alright, guest you all must be wondering or even cursing now, aren't I suppose to talk about how the party was, post pictures of chicks rather than toilet!!! Well although the party has ended, I am will try to pro-long the excitement by making several posting with regards to the Nuffnang Pajama Party. So here's how things start:

Private Party, this means you've got to be invited.

6pm -10pm ah? Malaysian time, biasa lah, the event eventually kick start at about 7.30pm, But I've nothing to complaint cause I spend every single minute mingling and snaping pictures.

My green wrist band=for those who are single(Red for taken and Yellow for those who are in between)

Bird eye view of the club


Simon Seow said...

Wow, so fast posted already. Did we meet last night?

3POINT8 said...

looks like there are alot of participants in this event

pamsong said...

Hmmm. Wonder why I didn't make it to check out the loo. Looks funky!

Johnny Ong said...

looks like i didnt bump into u either

Charlie said...

Simon: Its consider slow already. cause I went for St Patrick at Mont Kiara till 2 plus. Thus not being able to undate right away. Not sure dude, there were so many people.

3point8: yes there were lots of people. I would say that the event was a success.

Pamsong: You mean to say you never go to the toilet the whole night?

Charlie said...

Johnny Ong: I was spendng most of my time standing in front of the stage snapping away with my camera.

pamsong said...

Haha. Nope. Didn't go. I'm real good at holding in pee. =p

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