Free money at DiGi's D'House

How nice would it be to know that you could get your hands on some cold hard cash as and when you need it? What about having access to it right outside your office? One day when I was about to leave work(DIGI's D'House), something caught my attention, every car I walk pass has a name card slid by the window. So I take a closer look and this is what I see:

If you need quick cash, call 016-626 7713. Though its using 016, I can assure you that DIGI is not in anyway involve in this Illegal money lending business. If you need quick cash for business purposes, buy your girlfriend a diamond ring, or get a brand new RX8, you could try give the Along (illegal money lender) a call. However, please bear in mind that DIGI and Charlie Chia shall not be held liable should anything happen to you(when you fail to repay the extremely high interest rate of 3% a day).


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