Could you be the New Face of DiGi's advertisement?

Today DiGi Telecommunication launched a new event, scouting for fresh faces to be used in its advertisement. It's breaking away from the conventional marketing tactic of using supermodel or well known personally. Instead, they want to use ordinary people who are DiGi user at heart.
No details were given on the potential cash reward, but you will certainly get some fame when you picture is used in DiGi's advert on all major daily.

I've personally went for the audition just now and hopefully I will get some good news soon. If you wanna try your luck, here's the details:

Audition Details:
Venue: D'House(Studio), Lot 10, Jalan Delima 1/1, Subang Hi-Tech Industrial Park, 40,000 Shah Alam.
Date: 25 & 26 August 2010
Time: 10am to 5pm

So what are you waiting for? Come try it out and you could be the next ambassador of DiGi.

Malaysian @ TVB Mr Hong Kong 2010

Do you all know that a Malaysian guy made the country proud last night by getting into the top 10 in TVB Mr Hong Kong 2010.

Not sure if any of you reader are a fan of TVB Mr Hong Kong 2010. Similar to TVB Ms Hong Kong, TVB Mr Hong Kong is the male version produced by Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB).

The Malaysian guy is non other than Mr Nicholas Ooi, born on the 29th of Sept 1985. I'm proud to have known him personally and call him my friend. I'm even more proud when he made it into the top 10 beating many hopeful Hong Kong guys in the annual event.

Nicholas Ooi (Standing, 3rd from left)

Nicholas Ooi (again 3rd from Left)

Here's a photo of him which we took back in December 2008.

Nicholas Ooi & myself

If you missed out on Nicholas's performance on live on TVB, here a short clip of Nicholas in action:

Nicholas, though you did not win the Mr Hong Kong 2010 title, Me and everyone else in AIESEC Malaysia is proud of your achievement. You've made Malaysia proud and this would be a nice gift for the country's 53rd Merdeka coming 31st August 2010

New Shopping experience soon @ Empire Gallery, Subang

Have you ever felt tired while walking around the mall and going up and down the escalator? Well if the answer is Yes, you will soon have a solution. Empire Gallery @ Subang a brand new urban and trendy neighbourhood shopping mall is about to change all that.

Very soon, you wont have to take to escalator from the top floor of the mall all the way down to the lowest floor. You may ask why? or maybe thought of the lift.

Soon you will be able to slide your way down 5 story from the top floor to the lower ground on a 50 metres long slide in just 10 seconds. Yes that right, all it takes is 10seconds. It's not just about the fun, brand new experience, but also the amount of time you save taking the escalator to go down 5 story.

This giant slide within Empire Gallery is still under construction and should be ready to deliver a fun and exciting shopping experience by September 2010.

If you are worry about the safeness of this new ride, rest assure that its looks and feels pretty safe. The slide is actually covered by a see through plastic on the top, so you don't have to worry about flying out of the slide.

If you were to look down from this angle, it may look a little scary to some people but I'm pretty sure it will be totally different thing when you are inside the covered slide.

As the slide is still under construction at the moment, not much details were available at the moment. Hopefully the service will be offered for free or maybe a small and affordable token fees. Will definitely look forward to try it out.

Empire Shopping Gallery, Jln SS16/1, 47500 Subang Jaya.
Tel: 03-5638 9888
(It's facing Federal Highway, diagonally opposite Toyota Service Centre.)

Kuala Lumpur's first ShootUrTweeple

In in local social media scene, social media addicts or some call them enthusiast have been organising random gathering called tweetups which is basically a real live meet up organised by twitterer(people who tweets) via twitter. ShootUrTweeple is a combination of tweetups and photography with a slight twist to make it more interesting. In general, shooturtweeple is a gathering for twitterer at point A before walking along a designated route to point B while equipped with a photography gadget, be it a DSLR, SLR, Digital Cam, Lomo, 35mm film camera or any camera phone. You may be a amateur or professional, it doesn't matter

Several weeks back, April Yim initiated KL's first ShootUrTweeple and invited me to participate which i eventually did out of curiosity. The meeting point was @ Starbuck, Menara Maybank, KL before proceeding to walked across to Mydin.

Took this at the Jalan Pudu intersection with the Pudu Raya Station in the background

Ancasa Hotel along the ever busy Jalan Pudu.

DBKL's Automated Portable Public Toilet which apparently cost RM400,000.

According to recent news report, there are more than 10 of such toilets strategically placed around the KL City Centre costing more than RM4,000,000 but all of them are reported to be malfunction. There goes the public hard earn money. Malaysia Boleh!!!

Caught this lovely couple walking toward Nando's HQ

Ever wonder why Malaysian always get lost while travelling and why are there so many accidents on Malaysia's road? Apart from the badly design road and rude drivers here's another reason why?

Yes, its the road sign, and best of all, they only have it in Malay Language.

Now how on earth can we expect that tourist can have wonderful experience visiting KL when we don't even have proper signage to help them get around for a start.

Living Cabin with big teddy's head.

China Town Boutique Hotel

It may look unhygienic but most of KL best food store are located along the street just like this one

Piracy done openly

If one were to question about transparency of doing business in Malaysia, just take a look at the picture above for answer.

Getting ready for business. Love the colourful drinks.

Not sure if it taste as good as it looks though.

Traditional Piglet in Colourful basket

These are usually sold during Chinese Mid Autumn Festival aka Moon Cake Festival.

This guy preparing Bak Kua(Dried Meat Square) by grilling marinated slice meat to perfection

Bak Kua is a Chinese delicacy that the Chinese community often buy as gifts during Chinese new year or any special occasion. Its made of lean boneless pork. (Non Halal)

Random Stuff.

An aged Umbrella that has shelter its owner through rain and shine.

Golden Fried Balls anyone?

In Business since 1959, Hon Kee Famous Porridge.

Petaling Street's best Air Mata Kucing (dried longan drink)

This store is strategic located just outside Hong Leong Bank, at the cross road between Jalan Petaling and Jalan Hang Lekir. Miss the good old days when the drink are served with metal bowl. It's a must have for everyone who visit Petaling Streets.

This is where the Chess Nuts are roast

Roasted Water Chestnuts for sale

Our local law enforcer checking out the pirated DVD store.

As the saying goes, if you cant beat them, join them!!!

Pirated iPhone case.

Fruity Fridge Magnet, this store is manned by an Ang Moh(Eurasian)

Wilayah & Selangor Hainan Clan Association

Do you have a mole somewhere on your body and want to remove it badly, this is no photoshop trick, just visit the shop below:

Mr Chin, The Mole Expert.

Parking along the yellow line, a common sight in KL

April Yim, Yoga and Evelyn in action

Jalan Sultan, Poskod 50000 Kuala Lumpur.

Rapid Development is starting swallow the fire hydrant. It's just a matter of time.

Striking Yellow Suzuki Swift with the number plate 8338.

One of KL's oldest Photo Studio, Foto Pak Tai.

Bangunan Luen Seng Bersaudara

Need a spare hand or legs ?

Hallowing Costume at a bargain!!!

Temple Visit.

Kafe Happy Meal.

This cafe served nice chilled bubble tea, tasty Cheese Cake and Swiss Roll. Check it out at:

143, Jalan Tun H.S Lee, 50000 Kuala Lumpur. Right opposite Reggae Bar.

Sin Sze Ya Temple founded by Kapitan Yap Ah Loy in 1884.

We spend about 3 hours plus exploring parts of KL but unfortunately we didn't manage to finish the planned route. But we certainly enjoy all the food while exploring KL together. #ShootUrTweepleKL gives us the chance to see, hear, listen and experience KL in a different dimension which we would never had chance to do so if we were to drive. Be on the lookout for the next ShootUrTweeple somewhere near your area and be sure to join in, you wont regret doing so.

Pikom PCFair - Not Cheap but Cheat

Gone are the days when people make time for visit PCFair to get cheap bargains. Still remember back in 1999 when PCFair was held at Putra World Trade Centre(PWTC), things sold back then are really worth the time and afford in braving the crowd.

Today, the organiser and unscrupulous traders will use every dirty tactic available to convince and confuse consumer into believing that they are getting a good bargain when not really getting it cheaper in actual fact. It plays a lot of consumer buying behaviour too, where Malaysian usually think PCFair is where all the good deals are and less IT savvy consumer would usually end up being victimised. PCFair is no longer about IT, it's about girls too. Most traders today will hire scantily dressed girls as promoter to attract crowd. Judging by the rate its going, its just a matter of time before PCFair is turn into a flesh trade fair. No offence to those ladies who want to earn some pocket money, but these traders should in fact hire people that really have the knowledge to sell the product/service correctly and not provide misleading information to consumer.

No doubt there is improvement in term of venue, comparing with PWTC, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre is definitely a much more conducive place for a fair like PCFair but it has some how loses its initially purpose and unique selling point, which is to offer unbeatable value to consumer.

I've been a loyal fan and been visiting PCFair religiously since the late 90's but stop going a year after it was relocated to its current venue because of the above mentioned reasons. However I recently drop by last Friday on the first day of the fair to help my cousin check out on the deals for notebook. Didn't purchase anything but manage to bring back some brochures back for price comparison.

Since my cousin has been eyeing on a DELL Studio 15 series notebook, I pay particular attention to Dell's brochure.

Dell's booth at Hall 2 which is manned by its dealer

Dell business must have been hit hard by the recent credit crunch in the States that it has to appoint dealers to help push sales these days. From my observation, one of its dealers seems to be Thurder Match, a rather large IT vendor in KL.
Dell as you know is a well known Computer company which advocate on cutting the middle man thus delivery much more affordable Computers/notebooks. It's major retails business rely heavily on its e-commerce portal.

Back to the brochure on Dell's offer, refer to the scan copy of the brochure here:

Dell's brochure encourage consumer to check out PCFair deals online via

Well guess, Dell made a wrong move by encouraging consumer like me to visit its PIKOM web address because what I'm about the share with you is going to somehow tarnish their reputation.

That's the model my cousin has been eyeing on.

Take a close look at the Dell Studio 15 model that I've circle in red. Too small to see the specs? Well have a closer look in the next picture.

Clearer now? Be sure to read carefully.

For this particular Studio 15 Series which cost RM3,999. It comes with 3 main things:

  • Intel® Core™ i7-720QM 1.6GHz
  • 500GB Harddrive

So with that brochure I did some research that very night. Guess what, I visited the website( printed on the brochure I obtained earlier and found the following:

Studio 15 Series selling for RM3,999 but better specs.

Take a close look at the processor, ram and harddisk. For the same price that consumer pays, they actually get a strip down unit @ PCFair. if you purchase online, you basically get better specs for the following 3 item:

  • Intel® Core™ i7-740QM 1.73GHz
  • 640GB harddisk

These 3 items are estimated to cost RM500 more on market value, not cost. I'm sure if one were to take cost price, its much lower. But then again as consumer we felt cheated. The reason one were to buy it at PCFair is because its suppose to be cheaper and we can collect the notebook on the spot. Besides that its suppose to boost sales for retailer like dell because Malaysian in general are still pretty sceptical when it comes to purchasing things online.

Anyway, I wasn't satisfied with what I've discovered and decides to go down to KL Convention Centre again on Saturday to ask the sales person in more details.

So i went there the following that and ask the sales person whats the best deal. I told him my needs and he point to the Studio 15 notebook at RM3,999. I then told him that I've been eyeing on that model but I notice the difference in specs while surfing the dell's Pikom website. Guess what he replied me? If you don't like can always go buy online or buy other brands. I think he was a little pissed being challenge by me. But then didn't his manager or company trained him not to be rude to customer in the first place. After all, customer is always right.

I went there on the second day, brave through the crazy jam from all direction leading to PCFair and then brave the human traffic walking along the ill planned route by PIKOM which required people to waste time by walking from one end to another and end up paying exorbitant fees for parking. It's really disappointing that after all the trouble, I still have to face such rude sales person from an international brand name called DELL.

I ended up making purchase online via , but I'm still very dissatisfied with the misleading information provided by Dell's brochure vs Website and the ill treatment from its sales person, be it direct employees or via its dealers. Therefore I demand that PIKOM, DELL and the dealer involved apologised for such careless mistake and also compensate for the time and money lost.

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