Merdeka Again!!!

The Malaysia's 12th General Election mark a new era of independence for Malaysian who have had enough of the ruling government. Since winning a landslide victory in the 2004, 11th General Election, prices of fuel has risen twice and it had lead to rising cost of living. There have not been much development and the ruling government tend to favour the Bumiputra(mainly their crony), causing rising tension among the ethnic minority(mainly the Chinese and Indian community). Although the ruling government managed to retain power in the Parliament, their influence has been greatly dilute, as Malaysian come out in horde(one of the biggest voters turn out) to vote against the government to show their dissatisfaction.

Racial tension, rising price of essential goods and and favouritism practiced by the ruling government has been the main factor causing the ruling government a crushing defeat. Now Malaysia is in a crisis, as political scene is on the rock, and the opposition might not have the necessary experience and financial muscle to run the government in the 5 states which they won. Our Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange and the economy will be expected to be going for a roller coaster ride, at least for the next 6 months until we see something concrete from the opposition and stability in the political scene.

On the brighter side, we can be assure that the fuel price, toll, electricity, water will not be raise so soon as the ruling government has more important things to do, to fix all that they have done wrong and win the rakyat support again. Will they succeed, that's a million dollar question. Do share your views.


Copykate said...

this is a new starting for our nation.

we're hoping to see changes for the better =)

Charlie said...

Well its good that we see a change, but sometimes a sudden change can be devastating.

I'm not trying to be negative and I certainly do not have anything againts the opposition winning so many seats in this election. But sometimes its good that we be prepared for the worse that could happen due to the lack of experience.

I'll be crossing my finger and hope that everything will be fine and our nation will continue to be prosperous and peaceful.

Johnny Ong said...

the opposition shld be ok in running the states. as for financial muscles - the opposition don't bring in their own funds to run a government as they will use the existing funds unless BN has dried up all the funds before the election.

fundamentals in running the govt is still the same, only fine tuning is required. lousy or outdated or ridiculous bribery situation will be kicked out of the door in order to maintain transparency.

hopefully the new state governments operate on integrity.

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