RM100,000 up for grab !!!!

Have you ever thought of what you would do, should you be given RM100,000 ? Go for a holiday? buy a new car? shop and dine? Or you never thought you could have that amount of money anytime soon. Well if always thought its impossible, here's your chance to win RM100,000 with a period of 2 months. So whats the catch??? Curious??? Read on .....

Well if any of you guys has been reading The Edge Financial Daily which you can easily get yourself a copy from the local newsstand for RM1.50 per issue daily, you would have notice a full page advertisement with red and white template. Which is very similar to the AirAsia or even Genting 888 deal advertisement.

Called BURSA PURSUIT, this is the latest advertising and promotion project launch by Bursa Malaysia(The Malaysia Stock Exchange Inc) in its quest to create awareness and to educate the Malaysian youth between the age of 20 to 35. This is a online simulation which gives every eligible participant who sign up with a start up capital of RM250,000 virtual cash to be invested into the simulation which will mimic the local stock market movement in term of share prices, as well as both supply and demand for all listed securities(basically stock of companies lah). The contest which will be schedule to start of 1st Oct 2007 will run for a span of 2 months until 30th Nov 2007. After which participants will be judge according to their total wealth(or in some case loses) accumulated from the initial start up capital given.

There will be 3 categories, Individual(for beginner like you and me), Professional(Individual licensed by Bursa Malaysia) and League(where you and your friends could create a league with a minimum of 5 people). There will be 3 prizes for each category:

1st - RM 100,000
2nd - RM 30,000
3rd - RM 20,000

Besides that, there will also be 5 consolation prizes of RM2,000 each for the 5 best performing investors(participants).

So what are you waiting for, go sign up now at


shengcui said...

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