U-Turn, What a scary invention?

Have you ever been stop at a road block? Have you ever given a bribe when stop just so that you will be let off without much trouble?

Ive not done either of it since I started driving, but I would have been in big trouble if I was stop last week. Last week I went for a gathering with some of my ex-college(Mantissa) friends, namely Juliet, Tim, Colin and Soon Lee at Mc Donalds, Center Point. I was suppose to give Soon Lee and Colin a ride home after the gathering as they were both living at TTDI. Driving out of McD, the fastest way back to TTDI make a U turn right before the former Sony HQ traffic light. While driving I saw a police road block being setup on the opposite direction thus I decided not to make a U-Turn but drive to TTDI via Damansara Utama. That was on the 20th September. Today I'm glad I made to choice not to make that U-Turn. Why ? Cause while having lunch at Equatoria Kuala Lumpur yesterday, my mum reminded me to renew my driving license, which upon checking I realised that my license has expired on the 14th of September 2007.

Shit man, thinking back, I'm so glad I have not made the U-Turn or else the chances of me getting stopped and brought to the police station will be fairly high. Today, 24th, monday, I woke up early in the morning and rush to the nearest Pos Office to renew my driving license to avoid being end up with any legal actions. Guess what, the renewal for 1 year cost me RM32.


shengcui said...

Wah dai lou, u better drive carefully oh. U first gear also can go 150kph one...

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