Another Heng Tai leaving......

In a few hours, I will be driving all the way to airport, to send my friend, a very close friend, someone who has been like a brother to me. Suddenly I woke up really early in the morning, feeling moody, and emptiness in my life. After today, I will have one less 'Heng tai' to talk to, to chill out, to eat lou si fan, to go mamak, and to go shopping together at the stock market as well as the shopping mall.
Looking back at our 3 years of friendship, it has really grown and developed into such a close bond that i will continue to cherish. Marco always been one of my major supporting pillar in developing the AIESEC Local Communitee which I founded a year ago. Although its the 8th Local Committee, we have managed to build it and grow it till what it is today all in the name of friendship and brotherhood.
Anyway, will really miss 'B' 'B' a.k.a Chun Hao a.k.a Marco Lam as he is know to most of my corporate collegues and associates.
Anyway, to Marco, all the best in your studies and keep in touch.


shengcui said...

I also missed him very much. Now online everyday to poach him...

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