Now you can buy the World. Can you afford it ?

How many times have you ever think and say to yourself I could run this country better if i was given the chance? I would like to own and run Malaysia, Australia or maybe the UK? It may seems impossible and people around you may also think that you are insane, Hitler wannabe, and maybe day dreaming.

Modern Technology and Globalisation finally made it possible for you to own any country of your choice, provided you have enough legal tender notes to burn.

Ladies and Gentleman, without further ado, I would like to present to you "THE WORLD". Yes you heard it right, THE WORLD. So what is the world? The World is the latest property development conceptualise by H.H General Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown of Dubai. So what is THE WORLD? Well its a development project which rebuild the world, but in a smaller scale, a total of 300 island will be build to resemble countries and continents, and the final product will resemble the world map.

Claimed to be the world's most innovative real estate development, every single country and island will be put on sale. So if you have the tough of buying Australia and turning the whole country into a resort with Asian theme, its entirely up to you as long as you have the financial baking to do so.

The World, comes with 4 pre-planned Island Typology, namely Low Density, High Density, Resort and Commercial. It also comes with hubs and transportation service such as water taxi. now how is that for a change, traffic jam at sea.. The World also comes with complete with a high tech water, power and sewage system.

With this new development, you can travel THE WORLD in less than a day. Now that's globalisation.

Welcome to the rich man's world. Wish I could afford to buy the cheapest Island though.

So would you buy a piece of property at THE WORLD if you had the money? and which country would you like to buy ?

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Nicocoa said...

Intense project. Dubai-nians are nutty but superbly wealthy people.

shengcui said...

Maybe together we can gabung money and buy a sinking one...

Charlie said...

yeah nicole, they are bloody rich. eh sheng cui why would you wanna by a sinking one? you gila ah, i dowan to spend money buying an island just to die there lah

Sylvien said...

I want to buy an island.
Doesnt have to be big..
As long it's beautiful like Caribbean.
Blue sea, not brown like PD.
Awesome scenery especially during the sunset.
*imagining* Ahh lovely...
That island of mine will be called as United Island.
Hmmm and maybe I can follow Tony Fernandez's step by sponsoring MU.

It's gonna be so so so awesome.
Mmmm... one more thing.
Staying in United Island will be expensive coz I don't want anybody to dirty my island. Kekeke...

I'm gonna invite all my frens to stay there, and of coz my family.

Seriously Charlie, you made me fantasize.

GreenKaeru said...

i only can dream to own an island ~~~ it will be good enough just to have the most tiny 'dot' of island there ... with the blue sea and white sand ... it's paradise ~~~

hao said...

Thanks for your information. When i have enough money, i will consider to buy

Anonymous said...

well, in my perspective, would you rather use the money to buy the country or use it to develop the country? i guess u don't necessarily need to BUY it. But what is on the country is more important?

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