Spreading the Joy of Christmas

As Christmas is just around the corner, I suddenly feel like giving something back to the. I've came up with this idea to spread the love and joy of Christmas to the less fortunate. A quick decision was made to visit the Taman Megah Handicapped and Disabled Children’s Home (PPKKCTM), an orphanage cum disabled home.

It was an impromptu idea just one week before the actually event takes, which simply means I only have one week to put my thought into action. So immediately I send out smses to everyone on my phonebook, create a event page on facebook and also send out mass email within my company. With just less than a week notice, I must say that the respond was consider quite good, as there are at least 20 people who volunteer to sacrifice their Sunday Morning earlier this morning.

My friends and the kids.

There are about 130+ kids at this home and they stay in 4 houses within the same vicinity. This idea of this visit is not just to give them presents but also to spend some quality time playing and talking to the kids.

The kids loves attention and do all kinds of funny act to attract your attention.

I've also bought some reindeer hairband and santa's hat which I intent to let all the volunteers in this event to wear. However all of it end up with the kids wearing them.

A group photo with the kids.

Well not all the kids and volunteer are in the picture as it was rather hard to coordinate such a large number of kids an volunteers. You see the girls in the santarina costumes? well they are sponsored by Sabrina, who owns a Event Management company. She manages some of my company event, and i casually talk to her about this event just 3 days ago. To my surprise she says she will send 2 santarina to help out and bring some smile to the kids.

This are the presents sponsored by all my friends & colleague.

I'm rather surprise that I've managed to collect more than 150 presents, thanks to all my friends and colleague who sponsored.

The kids queuing up to collect their Christmas Pressie.

Santarina asking the kids to choose a present.

With so much presents, the kids are simply spoiled with choice.

You guys know what? There was a generous couple who sponsored a remote control Helicopter for the kids but I eventually advise them to sponsor it to the home instead so that the kids doesn't fight over it.

The Remote Control Helicopter

You know what? its not just one, but 2 unit of remote control helicopter.

Think this is gonna inspire the kids to be a pilot

So... guess who is the generous sponsor for the helicopter?

Well, its non other than the infamous Timothy Tiah & Audrey(aka fourfeetnine). For those who do not know who Timothy Tiah is, he is the owner and co-founder of Nuffnang, Asia's Largest Blog Advertising Agency.

Tim and Audrey.

We spend close to 3 hours of quality time with the kids and I'm pretty sure it brings lots of joy for the kids. To those who could not make it this time around due to the short notice, don't worry, cause I will have it plan properly the next time.

If you are in the mood of giving and would like to do your part in contributing to the society you may visit the home and offer your assistance, be it in monetary, in kind or part time assistant.

Contact details of the home:
Taman Megah Handicapped and Disabled Children’s Home (PPKKCTM)
No. 2, Jalan SS24/10, Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya, 47301 Selangor.
Tel: 603 - 7806 1143
Fax: 603 - 7805 1484

*Note: All monetary donation are tax-exempted by the Inland Revenue Board.


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