First Property Fair Experience

Since the economy crisis began in the late 2008, I've been constantly brainwash by people around me as well as the media saying that if one were to invest in property, there is no better time than now because its relatively cheap and the interest rates are low. After more than a year, I decided to check it out myself, so I pop by at The Star Property Fair @ Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre over the weekend.

This is my first visit to a property fair and it was a real disappointment, especially for first time investor like me. Why ? Well most of the property marketed there are either high end development with price tag of no less than a million ringgit or something affordable but take almost 90 minutes drive to KL (without traffic jam that is). Mind you that when I said affordable its still cost between RM300K to RM400K price range. So in short there wasn't really anything interesting, for poor people like me.

The only interesting part was the ICI Dulux Paint booth which was rather interactive as they have beautiful girls positioned in 6 different location. Visitor are given a passport and are required to visiting all the 6 girls at their respective booth where there will be a presentation on Dulux range of Paints and how colours affect one's mood. After listening to the girls presentation, visitor will be given a stamp on the passport. After collecting all 6 stamp, we can then redeem a goody bag.

They even hired Eric Leong, the infamous interior designer, to give a presentation to visitor on how paint can affect people's mood, what colour will be suitable for young kids room, colours for young professionals and etc... Meeting Eric for the first time after seeing him on TV as well as magazine all these while is truly amazing. This guy is just so down to earth, and have got a strong sense a humour. He made most of the visitor laugh with his advise on what colours should be use so that children will be so smart that they can go straight to University after Kindergarten.

Eric Leong & Myself.

Hopefully the next Property Fair will not be such a disappointment, and offer more attractive properties for first timer like myself..

*If your family are rich or a self made multimillionaire, then you will find this property fair to be interesting as they have lots of nice luxurious property up for grab. If only I'm a multimillionaire.


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