A night out with Jimmy Choo and Lewre Lew

If someone were you ask me the one thing I like most about my job, its the opportunity to meet successful personalities in their respective fields. Recently I've got the chance to meet up with Dato' Lewre Lew and the legendary Dato Jimmy Choo, both of which found fame in the international fashion industry with their respective brand name, Lewre and Jimmy Choo.

These 2 personalities made Malaysia proud as they carve their both the name as well as Malaysia across the Globe with their shoe making skill. In fact the Jimmy Choo brand is on par with fashion brand name such as Louis Vuitton, Guess, Zara, Armani, Prada and the list can goes on.

People always have the perception that successful people are always serious, and are friendly only to those of the same status. However these 2 personalities prove critic wrong when they join me and my colleague at CoCo Banana @ Sunway not to long ago. It's was a pure entertainment session without a word about business, and that where the fun is. Although they carry the title Dato, they are very friendly and own to earth.

Dato' Lewre Lew the founder or Lewre footware.

Dato' Jimmy Choo, the founder of Jimmy Choo Fashion

Being able to drink and party who 2 well groom gentlemen who is known international for their strong designs, it's definitely a night to be remember.


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What are u working as now???


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