My New Toy

December is often associated with the lots of joy simply because its the holiday season and Christmas fall on December as well. This year, I decided to reward myself with an early Christmas Present. I bought myself a new laptop.

My old Asus Notebook which cost my parents RM3,200++ 5 years back is began to show sign of aging and has somehow become quite unreliable. While my current company do provide me with a HP notebook, its also aging and rather slow. Besides that, I've purchase a DELL Studio 15 for my brother early last year and its still in tip top condition. This time around I decided to give other brand a try, as the saying goes, never put all your money in one basket.

Notebook has become relatively cheap these days as manufacturer push for volume and higher sales target to make profit, thanks to the economy crisis. Since the PC Fair 2009 @ Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre was just around the corner, I decide to drop by on the very last day, which was last Sunday together with my cousin Justin and my brother Andrew. And this is what I got.

I gotten myself a Acer Notebook, I decided to give Acer a try as the offers seem really good, as it was one of the cheapest with the notebook specification given. Thought I've had some bad experience with Acer more than 10 years ago, they seems to have improve a lot and i have a number of friends who have been happily using an Acer notebook for the past few year.

  • Intel Centrino® Processor Technology
    Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T6600
    (2.2GHz., 2MB L2 Cache, 800MHz FSB)
  • 4GB DDR3 1066MHz SDRAM
  • 500GB SATA Harddisk
  • Windows 7 Home Premium(64 bit)
  • DVD Supermulti Double layer Drive
  • NVIDIA Geforce G105M with up to 2303MB of TurboCache Technology (512MB of dedicated DDR2 VRAM, up to 1751MB of shared system memory)
  • 14″HD 1366X768 pixel resolution, high brightness (200-nit) Acer CineCrystal LED-backlit TFT LCD
  • Dolby-optimised surround sound system with 2 built-in stereo speakers
  • Integrated Acer Crystal Eye High-Def Webcam
  • 3 Years Local Limited Warranty
  • Weight: 2.4kg
All this power pack specification is going for only RM2299. Which work out to be only RM199 when I opt for the Zero %, 12 Month Installment payment scheme.
If KennySia can have a new girlfriend called Soni. I can have a girlfriend called Acer too.

My new Naval Blue baby.

The Standard Guide Book, honestly I never bother reading it.

Battery Pack & Charger

Though this Notebook maybe powerful in term of specification, I realise that its not so user friendly after a few day using it simply because of its smaller than regular keyboard layout. The keyboard is at least 10% smaller compare to standard size. Thus making it's a little tough to type for new user. Maybe its a matter of getting use to it, but still its creates lots of inconvenience. Anyway guess this is the price I've to pay, hopefully I will get use to it soon.

A closer look on the Keyboard.

One good thing Acer did was, they bundle a free notebook bag pack, which will come in handy when I need to travel with the notebook.

Like what most notebook manufacturer practice, Acer also through in some freebies to make the deal sweeter during PC Fair. Here's what I got:

Sonic Gear Earpump 2 Headphone, which is basically a Headphone la although Acer claim that its worth RM69.

Acer Notebook Mouse

Acer USB Hub which comes with 4 port and 7 rotating glowing colour light.

All these while I was never a fan of USB Hub thus I never own any. However after using this cool gadget for the past few days, I'm beginning to love it. Maybe its also because of the 7 rotating colour light which glows and look pretty cool in a dark room.

Since Acer cost me an investment of RM2299. I'm planning to make it worth while by playing games on it(as if i still play games), watch movies(with HD LED screen, its like carrying a mini cinema wherever I go), do some work as this is certainly faster thus saving me some precious time. I'll also begin blogging with this new baby from 2010 onward.

Thought I've had some bad experience with Acer 10 years ago, I'm hoping that this notebook will be able to last for at least 3 years. If it fail me, I sweat I will never buy an Acer again. So people at Acer, cross your finger and make sure this product of yours last for at least 3 years.


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