My First Time - The Story begin...

Everyone will have their time in everything they do, from the moment we are born , the breath we took , first cry we made, first craw, first step. Today I feel like talking about my first time buying my first mobile phone or what we Malaysian usually call, the hand phone(HP).

If my memory were right, I was then studying in Form 3, and I bought my first HP at this Hand Phone Shop @ Atria Shopping Mall(It was quite popular in PJ back then as Places like Pavilion, The Gardens, Times Square, 1U New Wing never existed back then.). My first HP was a Nokia 8250, also known as the butterfly phone because the button resemble the shape of a butterfly. Cant really remember the actual amount I've invested on that phone, but it was roughly about RM1000. Yeah, phone was still pretty expensive then, and yet they don't have colour screen, mms, camera, video, mp3, and 3G.

Anyway, I love that phone very much as it was my first phone and I bought it myself. Besides, having a handphone was just starting to become a trend at that time. My first prepaid card was a DIGI prepaid which cost me around RM80++(today you can even get it for FREE from U-Mobile). But why I really love the phone was because it tough, I drop it a zillion time, throw it at my friend when they made me mad, drop in into the drain (mind you its fill with dirty water), I pick it back up, wash it, dry it and voila!!! It was still working. Today if you try dropping any of the colour phone into a drain filled with water, chances are, you can say sayonara to your phone.

Sadly, technology move faster then I earn and very soon everyone is using a mobile phone which has camera function, walkman, mp3, and even 3.5G. Few years down the road, I began college and was force to change my phone to a Sony Ericsson W810i due to peer preasure. Some of my friends were shame to have me walking with them with my Nokia 8250. Today, I-Phone second generation is out and I think I should be getting a new mobile phone soon. Cause my Sony Ericsson 810i is starting to show sign of aging.

Do you have any recommendation ? Do tell me the story of your first phone too. Will be looking forward to see your comments.


Simon Seow said...

My first phone was pass down to me by my sis. The second one from my aunt. My third one is my sis give me money and I buy as a b'day present. The fourth one from my sis, (still using), and my fifth mobile also from my sis (still using). Using two phone now. So, I never really use my own money to buy a mobile phone before. =P

Anonymous said...

well i had a blue nokia 3200 =)it was pretty cool cause i was one of the first who got a phone and i was quite proud of it. *inserts big grin* but after a few years it somehow got a blackspot on the screen. so uhhh my siblings and i smartly concluded that it has some sorta phone cancer? so yeah thats my two pence bout my first phone.

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