Jazzing up the night with DiGi

Attended to a corporate event last Friday. Here's the detail:

Event: Sunrise Jazz & Rhythm Fest 2008
Venue: Plaza Mont Kiara
Date: 1 Aug 2008
Time: 8:00pm till mid night

This was the 9th Consecutive Jazz Festival organised by Sunrise Bhd, a prominent high end property developer which carve a name for itself by developing the Mont Kiara neighbourhood.
Anyway last Fridays event was my first time attending the Jazz Festival. DiGi Telecommunications actually book a portion of the courtyard exclusively for its VIP Guess, mainly its corporate client and associates.

The Jazz Festival Invitation Card

The back of the invitation card

Reserved Parking for DiGi's VIP Guess

Jazz Festival Banner

Anyone need direction?

The ViP area is surrounded by DiGi's Yellow Balloons

Guess will need to get their hand stamped with glow in the dark DiGi Logo

When you attend any DiGi's Event such as this one, the boss would always say let there be free flow of food and beer, and start partying. Yes, that right, that what DiGi is known for, crazy people with crazy idea at work and play.

Free Flow of Food... Yum yum

dessert anyone?

The Centre Stage

Daniel the Voilenist performing

Daniel the lead performer. His performance was one of the best though i dont really know who he is.

Throughout the event, the Emcee interacted with the public as well as the VIP guess, had lots of game and Q&A session and approximately 5 mobile phone were given out. Mind you, those were not cheap phone. Phone like Nokia E61i, Nokia N72 and Nokia N65 were some of the phone models given out for FREE to every right answer. Damn I wish I wasn't a employee, then I could have participated and win at least one phone.

Overall, it was a night to be remember and I certainly look forward to next year's Jazz Festival.


RuRu Jane~ said...


Not really a big fan of jazz.. but I like the feeling of having cocktail while listening to jazz.

It's kinda relaxing.

Charlie said...

Ruru jane: oh well, I'm not a big fan as well. As I've written, this is my first time attending the Jazz Festival. Yes it was relaxing, would enjoy it even more if I didnt have to serve the VIP guess. anyway it was fun.

Simon Seow said...

Next time invite me too if got gigs like this. LOL. Just kidding.

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