Media Invite to Royal Selangor Sale Preview 2008

If you've been reading this blog, you would notice my post entitled Royal Selangor Warehouse Preview - By invitation only. I got invited to Royal Selangor Pewter's Sale Preview on the 15th August 2008, which is exclusive event for bloggers and their affiliates. The actual sale start today, 16 and 17th of August 2008.

This simply means we get VVIP entitlement to see it first before the general public does. Anyway, my schedule for the day was packed and I'm dead tired now, So I will just give you an overall preview first follow by the details tomorrow.

The Guiness World Record: The World Largest Tankard @ the Main Entrance of Royal Selangor's HQ

Its 6.16 feet tall, 1.53 ton in weight and 613 gal in capacity.

Michael, Simon and I were the only bloggers there. According to my friend Quan Ming who works with Royal Selangor, he initially tried to get to send out the invites to fellow blogger. Unfortunately Nuffnang was too busy with their schedule they don't have time to invite its members to the event. Anyway the preview we had started with an Educational Tour around Royal Selangor Office.

We were accompany by Quan Ming, his colleague Electra Pang and a tour guide which led us to through the whole tour, explaining every bit about the company with full of passion.

We began with the History of Royal Selangor

Then the Factory Tour

And then we went to the School of Knock to learn how to make our own pewter

Follow by the Sale

Finally ended up spending RM300 plus during the sale.

Overall, it was an educational trip and I've learned how to appreciate pewter product and also understand why it can be so costly sometimes. However the whole trip would have been a memorable trip if it weren't for the bad experience buying the Kuan Gung Pewter. While I was at the counter, the lady told me that RM105 each and the price is before a 50% discount. So I decided to get 2 unit of it and the lady confidently wrote RM105 for 2 unit(after discount). Quan Ming and Electra can be my witness.

However to my surprise, when I check out at the cashier, I was told that it was a mistake and I had to pay RM210 for the 2 unit which I took. Dam I've already plan who to give it to and now they tell me this. Sigh so disappointed that they rob me off another RM105.00. Why cant the sales person at the counter be more professional and don't give customer the wrong information?

If any of you from Royal Selangor are reading this, you've got a serious problem to solved cause this will eventually affect consumers confident.

The people in the production line work with their blood and sweat to come up with the finest product to maintain the company reputation only to be spoilt by some useless sales person who doest even shed blood nor sweat.

Oh well, enough being said, its time for me to get some rest.


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