Rat Race 2008: Time To Run

Time is running out, tomorrow is D' Day, the Day where corporate Malaysian join forces by participating in the Bursa Malaysia Rat Race which will see 700 executives and 54 CEO's from 74 Companies competing agaisnt each other in the name of Corporate Social Responsibilty(CSR). In layman term, CSR simply mean an act of an organisatin giving back to the society.

This year's race collected RM1.7 million with DiGi being the biggest contributor of RM75K. DiGi is this years biggest contributor and has the largest delegation of 10 teams of runner(including myself.). This Charity Event will see 20 charitable organisation benefiting from RM1.7 million collected from corporate Malaysian.

Facts & Figures........

My Team

If you have the free time, be sure you come down to KL and support me before the race began at 5pm @ Bursa Malaysia HQ. For more info, kindly visit Rat Race 2008


JunJun-Riko said...

haha.. support... spiritually and mentally and some say emotionally too.. ^^

Charlie said...

Jun Jun-Riko: like that only ah. was expecting you to bring all your jimui to cheer.

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