Royal Selangor - My Visit to One of the World Largest Factory.

Here's a full review on the Royal Selangor Preview which I was invited to attend: (Warning, this post is loaded with photo's). Since picture says a thousand word, I shall keep it less wordy and put more picture instead, So enjoy.

The Model of the Tin Mining Ship

Pewter is also a precious metal.

The periodic table, this reminds me of my high school days.

This is what pewter is made of.

Some facts

Guess how much this weigh?

Its approximately the combine weight of us 3. Simon, Me and Michael.

Bet you didn't know that the Oscar statuette is actually made of pewter.

This pewter medal actually been to space.

The Solar Eclipse Viewer
Before we began the factory tour, we were served 7up in pewter cup. Apparently the tour guide told us that it taste better, however I fail to taste the difference.

7-Up served in pewter cups

Bird eye view of the production line

The worker dipping a pewter handle into a hot boiling liquid @ more than 250 degrees.

This worker polishing the pewter cup

Soldering sohpicated design onto a pewter vast

This lady is actually casting this pewter with 600 neatly aligned stamp mark

This is not an easy job, as Simon, Michael and I have personally tried and fail miserably. We were told that it takes at least 3 to 6 months to master this skill. And the lady in the picture has been doing it for more than a decade.

Michael trying to stamp on the pewter tankard

This is where the fine jewellery is being produced.

Here a closer look. Can you see the small little diamond there?

The final product on display

The Lord of the Rings Collection

LOTR Pewter Crafted Plate

Grandoff in action

Lets play chess the LOTR way....

The Lord of The Rings Wine Mug

Royal Selangor School of Knocks - This is where visitor can learn how to make its own pewter.

This room can easily accommodate more than 20 apprentice at any one time

This are the tools needed. A metal edge hammer, a wooden hammer, a wooden block mold, an apron, and also the alphabet mold for casting alphabets onto the pewter.

A pewter disc wrap with paper.

We are each given a pewter disc to work on

Getting ready to cast the pewter disc into a bowl like shape with a wooden hammer

The alphabet mold that I use to cast my name on to the pewter disc.

Taking time off to pose while Simon looking to god knows where

The finish product, a pewter bowl with my name engraved on it

Here's closer look: arggh there was some defect with the letter 'H'

The session at the School of Knocks cost about RM50 which include the raw material and a certificate at the end of the day. You can also keep the apron after the lesson. As for us, we got the lesson for free, all because we are bloggers.Now who says you have got to be like Kenny Sia or Xia Xua to enjoy VVIP Status.

Hand prints of Royal Selangor's Staff who serves for at least 5 years.

Much have been said about White House Ceramic Tiles, Have you seen Royal Selangor Pewter Tiles? Here it is:

Pewter Tiles. It cost about RMXXX a piece.

A replica of Tunku Shouting MERDEKA!, MERDEKA!, MERDEKA!

Pewter Plaque depicting the Malaya's Proclamation of Independence

Metalesce: Making pewter tiles look for attractive

The ever famous Melon Pot which was first produced by the founder of Royal Selangor, Till today, its design is still maintain, and it is still very much sought after by collectors.

Wah Gold Rice Bowl and Chopstick which cost RM638 & RM150 respectively. Truly fits for the rich & famous.

This limited edition master piece is the 303th piece out of 500.

Its really meaningful(I was told), though i don't read Chinese

The Winnie the Pooh Collection, Honey anyone?

Kuan Gung, the god of

Beautifully crafted dragon head actually hold a wine glass on at the bottom

Me posing with a giant gold bowl. Take a guess how much this cost?

Its a whooping RM600,000.00. Damn I can buy a nice Bungalow with that money.

Royal Collection, 24K gold ingot of Malaysia Postage Stamps

The crowd for invited guests and VVIP like Simon, Michael and Me. LOL

Simon, Datin Chen and Me. She is really friendly, keep asking us to buy those Selberan's diamond.

Datin Chen, I don't print money lah. Thanks for your warm hospitality though.

If you want to experience what ever we did(except for the sale because they don't have sale every other day), head on to Royal Selangor International Visitor Gallery and they will have a tour guide ready to show you around.

Head Office & Visitor Centre
Royal Selangor International Sdn Bhd
4 Jalan Usahawan 6, Setapak Jaya,
53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Telephone: +60 3 41456000
Fax: +60 3 40251389

You could also visit for more info.


Simon Seow said...

I think I was looking at my knocks.

cc said...

Interesting place to visit! :) Thanks for sharing.

Charlie said...

Simon: you sure ah ?

CC: yup it an interesting place to visit. but be sure you bring your friends along.

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