My New Gadget: Garmin GPS System

Was at PC Fair 2 weeks ago, to check out on the latest gadget available in market. Being a avid fan of PC Fair since late 90's, I usually go early in the morning on the first day. However this time around, I was too busy with work that I've no choice but to go on the second day. As usual laptops/notebook was one of the hottest gadget on most people's list. Initially I planned to get a laptop, but since my 3 years old laptop is still working, I decided not to waste my money just yet.

While window shopping at the fair one hot beauty caught my attention. So I decided to take a closer look ask about her specifications and even tried on her. Found it to be very user friendly, but because it involved a investment of about RM1499, I tried to hold myself back from making a hasty purchase which I often regret soon after. So I collected some brochures, got home and conducted some research through Google. After reading through some forum, I decided to get my self this:

Garmin GPS(Global Positioning System) System

For your info, Garmin System is one of the most used GPS system and it originated from the State

My new gadget and it's accesories.

This is Nuvi 255W which runs on Garmin System. The map you see is just a sticker.

Bought this AC Adapter together with the set for RM130

And I got this leather casing for free. Apparently its selling for RM150.

Clock wise from top center: AC Adapter, leather casing, user manual, windscreen holder, car charger, disc sticker, warranty card, and lastly Nuvi 255w - Garmin System at the center

This system also come with voice notification, which tells you when you are about to reach a junction or when its time to turn. I tried using it, and its like having someone sitting beside you and telling you when to make a turn. That's so cool.

The actual reason why I got this is not just because its cool but because I can type a address in it and it will actually locate the place and show me the shortest way. This system can be set to find the shortest way or the fastest way(shortest doesn't mean faster). It can also be set avoid highway, or toll road. So if you save money by avoiding toll's, this function will come in handy. While driving I can also locate the nearest petrol station, nearest transit station, nearest hotels, nearest shopping(range from convenience store to Shopping Malls), and nearest F&B outlet(according to categories, Chinese food , Italian food, fast food and etc).

3D Map: Tried running a simulation by setting 1Utama as the destination.

2D Map

The other reason is because its portable, and its about the size on an I-Phone. Thus I can bring it along with me even when I'm not driving my car. I can also update the map online for free and there are now month subscription unlike some products available in the market.


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