D'House: A Company Affair

DiGi was closed last Friday to make way for an extraordinary event, called "Dare IT, Do IT, DG2IT" which requires all its staffs to report to work as usual but leaving all work behind. Basically the event was a company wide affair and everyone is required to take part, unless they need to play an urgent role in maintaining DiGi's day to day business. Its more of a team building activity, where the whole of DIGI's workforce was divided into 4 big group and various games and challenges took place through out the day starting from 9am till almost 5pm.

Shall not talk much about the activities which took place the whole day and focus on the dinner instead which took place at DiGi's D'House at Shah Alam. We had outdoor dinner, specially prepared by Tony Roma's. Roughly there were about 200o plus people at the dinner, which mainly consist of the company's employees.

Tony Roma's: Our caterer for the day

Company like DiGi don't just feed their staff well, but they also make sure they are well entertained. Local celebrities were hire to emcee the entire dinner and a number of performances were arranged .

Han's Percussion


The 2000 odd people having dinner in front of the Stage.

People from my department, shouting Yum Seng as they toss everyone toward better work performance.

In this company, you will always get free flow of liquor in company event such as this which is organised several times a year because they believe in the work hard, play even harder concept.

Posing with Oh Mei Mei, one of the admin staff from my department.

Pinky and I, she is half drunk I guess.

Among the emcee of the day was Elaine Daly, Joanna Bessie, Mel and another 2 other local celebrity which I don't really know.

Elaine Daly & I: Isn't she lovely?

Johan, why aren't you smiling at the camera?

FYI, Johan Eric Dennelind the new CEO of DiGi Telecommunication who took over from Morten Lundal since April 2008.

The event was pumped up with the appearance of this 4 hot chics, dancing to the beat.

The Magician who amazed the crowd with his illustration skills

Yes another hottie on the stage

If they hire girls like that to work, I'm pretty sure the guys will have a hard time concentrating on work.

Elaine, Dunno his name, Mel, Tom(Head of Commercial Division) and Joanna (slightly out of the picture)

Prize giving ceremony to recognise the winning team after a day long of activity.

The rather lousy Deejay showing off his stuff at the end of the dinner.

The dance floor is finally open at about 10.20pm

I party alittle while and call it a day at 11pm. Phew, what a long day...


Simon Seow said...

By the way, do you know a Jong Yang in Digi?

jėss.T said...

ZOMG looks like sucha nice parrtayyy!!
and u got to meet all the celebs n stuff. pretty cool!!

glad u had fun!

Charlie said...

Simon: Jong Yang ah? yes I know, but not sure if its the same guy. How you know him by the way ?

Jess.t: thanks

Simon Seow said...

He's my high school mate.

Charlie said...

Simon: Oh I see. Shall verify that with him. LOL

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