The Edge Bursa Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Rat Race 2008

The Edge-Bursa Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Rat Race 2008 was held on the 19th of August this year. This is the 9th year of the event and my very first time representing my company's team, the largest team of the year. This is an event where all the corporate Malaysian including the corporate chieftain pledge donations in the name of corporate social responsibility(CSR) and sweat it all out with a 4.5km run around the heart of buzzling Kuala Lumpur. This year my company pledge RM75 thousand to The Edge Bursa Malaysia Charity Fund, making it the biggest donor. The total amount collected this year was RM1.755 million ringgit which will be distributed equally to 20 charities across Malaysia. A total of 74 organisation took part in the race which comprise of 700 executives and 50 CEOs.

My race tag with the not so lucky no 571

Our new T-Shirt: with the yellow coverage man and the tag line Honour, Protect, Cherish Women and Children

Yellow Team, The biggest team @ The Edge-Bursa Rat Race 2008

The iconic Yellow Coverage Man making its present felt.

Freebies anyone?

Clockwise from Top Left: Oki Lai Kok Ming, Christian Schutt, Kam Eng Liang, Shang, Wilson and myself.

Yellow Coverage Fellow instantly became the center of attraction as people queue up to snap picture with

The best dress CEO of the year. Forgot his name and the company he represent though

California Fitness Staffs showing leading the warming up session

The executives getting ready to sweat it all out

Yellow Coverage Fellow walking hand in hand

Like me, my new CEO Johan Eric Dennelind who join the race for the first time won second place under the CEO category which cover a length of 1KM. My Colleague and I on the other hand join the 700 over executives in the 4.5KM race. and I only manage to finish 217 our of 700 runners in 40 minutes. I know its nothing to shout about but hey I am proud of that achievement because I have not run for a long time and never had any training prior to this race even though they gave us 2 weeks free membership at California Fitness to prepared for this race.

The beneficiaries smiling away as they pose with their mock cheques.

Though I did not win any prize, not even the lucky draw, but its was a great experience. I would certainly look forward to participating again next year and maybe improve on my performance.


Simon Seow said...

Nice to work it out in this corporate life.

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